Virtual Summer Camps for 2022

list of the best virtual educational summer camps for kids

Spring is here! Before we know it, summer will be upon us. That also means summer camps are right around the corner. But what about virtual summer camps?

Providing many advantages, online camps can be a wealth of learning, fun, and great memories for kids. Today, we’ll take a look at the best virtual camps in 2022!

Ready to take a look at the top online summer camps? Let’s go!

Why Virtual Summer Camps?

Attending a camp online offers several advantages.

One, can enjoy the camp experience from the comfort of your home. In some cases, kids may not have the opportunity to attend in-person summer camps. This can be due to reasons like health or the limited availability of these camps in their area.

Two, you can connect with instructors, counselors, and kids from all over the globe! This can further enhance the experience by allowing a kid to interact with a wide diversity of subject matters and people.

Three, virtual summer camps don’t require as many resources and funds as traditional camps. All you really need is a device and decent internet connection. In many cases, virtual camps also provide kits for campers to get hands-on and interactive with the activities!


25 Best Virtual Summer Camps

Now, with any further ado, here are the top 25 virtual summer camps in 2022!

1. Camp Invention

Got a tinkerer on your hands? A kid that loves innovation and how things work? Providing inventor toolkits for grades K-6, Camp Invention provides stellar STEM summer camp sessions for the curious, inventive mind. With a focus on innovative creativity and critical thinking, this camp offers hands-on activities that boost confidence!

2. campMODA

Want to think like a designer? Courtesy of Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), campMODA helps kids explore different subjects—engineering, coding, game design, robotics, and more—through fun platforms like Minecraft and LEGO. Campers ages 7-18 get to use STEM tools to navigate, understand, and wield real-world challenges and skills.

3. Camp Supernow

As one of the most beloved virtual summer adventures, Camp Supernow offers one-week free trial membership to their world-class STEAM courses. Themes include All the World’s a Stage at the Amphitheater, Eco-Exploration in the Piney Forest, Fables, Fairytales at the Campfire, and Intergalactic Encounters at the Super Observatory!

4. Camp Tech Revolution

From Minecraft to Roblox to graphic design, Camp Tech Revolution offers more than 50 STEAM camps to keep kids having fun and learning during the summer! But it’s not limited to summertime. Camp Tech Revolution is considered to be the best tech camps around, and it offers both in-person day camps and online courses throughout the year!

5. Camp Wonderopolis

Fun (and free), Camp Wonderopolis offers interactive STEAM summer-learning for the whole family! The online camp is open to Campers (kids of all ages) and Counselors (parents, teachers, and so on). From critical thinking to vocabulary to reading comprehension, Camp Wonderopolis proudly proclaims that its attendees “enjoy learning through wonder.”

6. Camp YouTube

Offering a variety of curated STEAM videos, Camp YouTube is ideal for kids and parents who want to learn together from the comfort of home! Videos are free and presented by highly knowledgeable instructors and presenters. From music to art to coding (as well as classic summer camp recipes), Camp YouTube is a great way to learn and pass the time.

7. Clubba

Known for its excellent small-group camps, Clubba is led by vibrant college student counselors. These camps offer unique, fun, and creativity opportunities that include YouTube content creation, robotics, jewelry making, iPhone photography, and much more. Ideal for child ages 5-13, Clubba offers unique virtual opportunities all summer long!

8. Create & Learn Coding Camps

What’s better than virtual coding camps? Free virtual coding camps! Create & Learn Coding Camps offer everything from Scratch programming to Minecraft Modding. Along with being free, these coding camps offer great small-group opportunities (for a maximum of five students).

9. DIY Summer Camp

Presented as a DIY app for all ages, DIY Summer Camp provides access to a big library of live workshops, learning content, and hands-on activities. Another great feature of this app is its kid-friendly community. From podcasting to Roblox to strange science, it’s all on here! Currently, the DIY app offers a 30-day free trial.

10. iD Tech Camps

Want to dive into the coder's world of Roblox, Minecraft, Python, JavaScript, and more? iD Tech Camps offers some of the best instruction around for small groups (average of five students per instructor). Students can either attend the Virtual Tech Camps or Private Lessons. From video game design to app coding, iD Tech Camps have you covered!

11. Ignite Learning Academy

Looking for a great combination of learning and socializing? Ignite Learning Academy understands the necessity of social interaction and continued learning—studies have shown that students lose one month of learning experiences during the summer—and so the academy offers various themed courses to prevent the dreaded “summer slide.”

12. Kids 4 Coding

From coding to game development, Kids 4 Coding offers weeklong, STEM-focused camps for kids ages 7-16. This program is touted as being the best when it comes to computer education for children. Along with its standard summer programs, Kids 4 Coding also provides private lessons for groups of 5 friends!


13. Genius Gems Summer Camp

Ideal for kindergartners and elementary school students, Genius Gems Summer Camp offers hands-on learning for several themes. These themes include LEGO Brick Engineering, Pokémon STEM, Science Wonder Lab, and much more. Critical thinking skills, creativity, and connection with peers is what Genius Gems is all about!

14. Got Game Camp

Offering two flavors of online programs—Summer Academy and Virtual Summer Fun—Got Game Camp prides itself on its ability to “speak kid.” This is considered one of the best summer camps in California, catering to kids ages 4-14. Based on fun activities tailored to a camper’s specific interests, Got Game Camp offers one of the top camp experiences!

15. Happy Camper Live

Looking for that quintessential camp feel? From arts & crafts to magic to photography, Happy Camper Live certainly lives up to its name! This is all about having fun learning in a safe and inspiring environment. On top of all the great learning opportunities, there’s even a virtual campfire to make the whole experience that much more authentic!

16. PBS Kids

If you’re in search of games, crafts, and activities to get your student through those long summer days, PBS Kids for Parents is here to the rescue! The platform allows adults to search by kid’s age and interests. You can also find weekly curated activities great for the whole family to participate!

17. PAFA Virtual Summer Art Camp

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Virtual Summer Art Camp (or PAFA Art Camp) celebrates art, creativity, and friendship! There are two offerings: in-person camp and virtual camp. Virtual day camp is ideal for ages 10-14, and runs from approximately mid-July to mid-August 2022 (half-day sessions from 9am to 2pm).

18. Reading Rockets

As a free service, Reading Rockets offers a “Start with a Book” program. This online kids book club presents 24 topics that range from dinosaurs to sports to time travel. This program helps to match a child with appropriate books, activities, apps, and more to encourage a love for reading!

19. Smithsonian Summer Camps

Entertaining, unique, and informative, Smithsonian Summer Camps help boost children’s knowledge & passion for the Smithsonian’s collections and more (geared for grade levels K-11). numerous Live camp sessions are hosted via Zoom, with a meeting structure to help facilitate more interaction.

20. Summer Academies for H.S. Students

Geared towards high school students, Summer Academies for High School Students offer one-week courses that explore unique careers. This weeklong camp also provides the feel of a college experience. Hands-on and interactive, attendees benefit from coaching and projects on topics like entrepreneurship, computer science, hospitality, and more.

21. Taste Buds Kitchen Cooking Camps

Love to cook? Know a kid who’s interested in all things culinary? Taste Buds Kitchen Cooking Camps offers themed cooking camps like All You Knead is Love (dough theme), Around the World, Culinary Cocoa, and Super Foodies. From one-day to weeklong camps, kids ages 4-17 can explore delicious food fundamentals and beyond!

22. Teach Me Wall Street

Want to learn real-world money management, investing, and trading skills? Teach Me Wall Street provides learning opportunities typically not offered in school. From banks to Wall Street Street to cryptocurrency, Teach Me Wall Street empowers kids of all ages with financial literacy and skills for future investing and trading.

23. UAA Summer Engineering Academies

Offering engineering, math, tech, and science camp opportunities, UAA Summer Engineering Academies is led by the University of Alaska Anchorage staff. Ideal for grad levels 3-12, this program offers weeklong virtual STEM camps. It also has a focus on supporting underserved and underrepresented students.

24. Varsity Tutors

Looking to learn a new language? How about sharpening one’s creative writing skills? Varsity Tutors is a fantastic way for kindergartners and elementary school kids to level up their skills during the summer! Offering weeklong camps, Varsity Tutors specializes in virtually every subject you can think of to fit your student’s particular interests.

25. Virtual 4-H Camp

Unable to partake in the traditional 4-H experience? No problem! Virtual 4-H Camp brings all the fun & enriching activities to your screen. Whether it’s camp songs, arts & crafts, cooking projects, or STEM learning, Virtual 4-H Camp provides many opportunities to enjoy and savor traditional camp spirit at home!


Online Summer Camps: Final Thoughts

Along with learning new skills, virtual summer camps are a great way to make new friends! These camps also allow you to attend from the comfort of your own home. In many cases, children may not have the opportunity to attend an in-person camp. This way, you can get your student active & involved without having to leave your place!

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Summer programs provide a ton of enrichment, connections, and opportunities to explore myriad subjects and interests. When it comes to STEM learning, virtual programs provide a lot of value and memories that can last a lifetime!

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