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Juni Learning is an online school for accelerated learning and enrichment focusing on computer science. We develop bright minds ages 8-18 by providing weekly, online coding classes with top-notch instructors using our curriculum and digital tools. Developed by Stanford graduates and Google alumni, our program pairs each student with a teacher for one-on-one or small group-based video instruction. Students leave the program with confidence in pursuing technical topics and knowledge of how to build games, apps, and websites.


Find your level

We start by assessing your child's experience level. Students can start at any point of a given track and are placed on a level based on their assessment.


Match with your teacher

Students are matched with a primary teacher. Classes are scheduled at a recurring time, or on-demand at least 12 hours before class.


Get ahead

Students meet with their remote teachers 1x or 2x a week for 50 minutes and work on individual assignments outside of class for about 3 hours per week.

Our Teachers

Juni teachers are all vetted for their teaching experience, subject expertise, and track record in improving student outcomes. All teachers have professional experience in the field they are teaching and experience working with young students.

What students and parents are saying:

"After a few weeks of working with Juni Learning, I can see how quickly my son Mike is improving. He takes a lot of initiative and does his homework early without my prompting! As an engineer myself, it has been wonderful to see him excited about coding."
Rita, mother of Mike, age 8
I learned how to make my own website and style it with CSS. I'm working on improving my Javascript too so I can change the colors by clicking buttons. Next I'm going to make a website for people to see my favorite Youtube videos!"
Maya, age 12
"Our daughter has a lot of fun and loves learning with her teacher. She says the Juni Learning program is much more enjoyable than the coding classes I had her in last semester. She takes classes after school, right from my office."
June, mother of Natasha, age 10

Our Tracks

Students start on one of our tracks and progress through levels as they advance. Each track typically has 10-20 levels and takes 2-3 months to complete, with additional project modules if students want a more in-depth sequence. For sample curriculum, please email hello@learnwithjuni.com.

Game Superstar

For ages 8-12 (beginner track)

In Game Superstar, students use Scratch's drag-and-drop coding system to learn computer science fundamentals: loops, conditionals, variables, operators, listeners, and functions.

This track centers around games: by the end of the course, students have designed and built their own complex games in Scratch.

Web Superstar

For ages 8-12 (beginner track)

In Web Superstar, students learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create their own websites.

This track is geared toward students who enjoy art and design. By the end of this course, students have created their own web portfolios including interactive mini-projects, like a mock e-commerce storefront, social network profile, or online arcade.

Data Master: Python

For ages 12+ (intermediate track)

This course guides students through learning Python, with an emphasis on data analysis and visualization. Once the student is comfortable with Python fundamentals, we cover how to acquire, clean, analyze, and visualize datasets via various methods.

The master project for this track involves the student using Python to present a dataset involving a topic of their choice.

App Master: Web Development

For ages 12+ (intermediate track)

This course guides students through building and deploying websites and web applications. Both frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery) and backend development (APIs and databases) are covered.

The master project for this course is to develop a web application that fetches news articles from an API and displays a customized news feed to the user.

Algorithm Master: Python

For ages 14+ (advanced track)

This course guides students through learning Python, with an emphasis on algorithms and data structures. This track covers recursion, searching algorithms, sorting algorithms, big-O notation, and implementing various data structures.

Students who excel in this course have a strong math background (Algebra 2 or higher recommended). If students have already taken Data Master: Python, they may begin in the second half of this course.

AP Computer Science A: Java

For ages 14+ (advanced track)

This course guides students through learning Java, with an emphasis on object-oriented programming. Students build a variety of complex projects while learning about objects, classes, scope, and inheritance. This course also covers basic searching and sorting algorithms in Java.

This course prepares students for the AP Computer Science A exam.


Each pass is billed on a monthly basis for the allotted pass length and comes with a free class. All packages include a preliminary assessment, resource recommendations and follow-up counseling. Cancel your subscription at any time and we will be happy to discontinue pass billing with no fees.

Aside from these packages, we also work with families to create custom programs for small groups of students. Please message us at hello@learnwithjuni.com to inquire more.


6 Month Pass

2x per week, Group

Per Month
  • 3 student : 1 teacher maximum ratio
  • 8x sessions / month (50 min, 2x / week)
  • Project assignments after each session
  • Billed monthly based on start date

6 Month Pass

1x per week, Group

Per Month
  • 3 student : 1 teacher maximum ratio
  • 4x sessions / month (50 min, 1x / week)
  • Project assignments after each session
  • Billed monthly based on start date

6 Month Pass

2x per week, Private

Per Month
  • 1 student : 1 teacher ratio
  • 8x sessions / month (50 min, 2x / week)
  • Project assignments after each session
  • Billed monthly based on start date

6 Month Pass

1x per week, Private

Per Month
  • 1 student : 1 teacher ratio
  • 4x 1:1 sessions / month (50 min, 1x / week)
  • Project assignments after each session
  • Billed monthly based on start date
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is the program online?
We believe that learning can happen anywhere, but resources are not always matched between where teachers and students are. By doing our classes online, students can still get 1:1 attention at competitive prices.
How large are your classes? Will my child work directly with the teacher?
Our private classes are all 1:1, and students will work with the teacher directly for each session debugging code, learning new concepts, and building their master projects. Semi-private classes have a maximum of 3 students to 1 teacher.
How do the semi-private classes work?
Semi-private classes are formatted in the same way as private classes, with a couple more students added so it is more affordable and collaborative for students. We ask that families organize their own class groups, or may add additional students to a group if there is space. If you would like us to help match you to other families, please message us.
How long should my student spend on the program?
Students typically spend at least 3 months with Juni working through one of our courses, then graduate into the next course. We do offer shorter-term intensive courses - please contact us if you're interested in an intensive.
How does scheduling work?
Scheduling is very flexible - we can either set a recurring time for sessions (e.g. Monday and Wednesday at 4pm), or you can schedule them as late as 12 hours before the session time. We generally recommend recurring times to ensure that your primary teacher will be available during your preferred slot, but there will be substitutes available as well.
When can my child start with Juni?
We have rolling enrollment with start dates every Monday throughout the year. Just let us know which week works best for your family to start.
Can I pause my subscription if my family is traveling?
You can always pause classes if you are traveling, or if your student needs to take time off for any reason. Just email us at hello@learnwithjuni.com and we will take care of it for you.
What is the cancellation policy?
You can cancel any time before the billing date (monthly based on the date of your first payment) and finish off your remaining courses, or cancel in between billing dates and get a prorated refund.
Our Team

Vivian and Ruby met while they were students in the Stanford Computer Science department. They bonded over their mutual belief that kids who want to learn subjects traditionally reserved for college like coding, entrepreneurship, design and more should be empowered to do so. So they founded Juni - an online school for accelerated learning and enrichment. Juni Learning provides kids with top-notch instructors, curriculum, and digital tools to excel.

Vivian Shen
Co-founder & CEO
Vivian Shen holds a B.S in Computer Science from Stanford and a minor in Creative Writing. Previously, she was Director of Product at the startup Operator, a software engineer at Google, and a consultant at McKinsey & Company’s Silicon Valley office. She is also a Bay Area native and graduated from Gunn High School in Palo Alto.
Ruby Lee
Co-founder & CTO
Ruby Lee holds an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Bioengineering from Stanford. Previously, she was an investor and Product Partner at Kleiner Perkins and an Associate Product Manager at Google, where she worked on the Chrome browser and later helped launch Project Fi, Google's wireless carrier service.
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We work with students globally, including California, New York, London, & China. We also host in-person classes and hackathons for individuals, small groups, and schools in Palo Alto and the surrounding Bay Area.

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