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Hear from Juni parents and children about how their experience at Juni has impacted their education and learning.

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“As a teacher myself, I know first-hand how hard it is to keep young adults engaged, and Juni does it better than any other company I tried.”

Serguei N., Juni Parent

Vice-Dean for Global Initiatives, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

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Hear what parents, students, and instructors are saying about Juni

Offir G.

Director Of Product At Shutterfly
Juni parent

A year later, our children still love coding at Juni, especially the very personal attention from both the instructors and support team.

Our friends mentioned they loved Juni, and it was a straightforward decision to enroll. We didn’t even need to convince our children because our friend’s children were so enthusiastic about their classes. The updates after every class are extremely helpful, and the scheduling flexibility has allowed Juni to seamlessly integrate into our busy lives.

Kim A.

Chief Communications Officer at The Fuller Project
Juni parent

Juni teaches kids critical thinking and problem solving – the foundation for everything they need in school and beyond.

My son has taken classes with Juni for 3 years, progressing through Python 1, 2, and 3. His instructors are extremely skilled and relatable, as Juni works hard to match instructors to students’ interests. Outside of class, Juni provides real world case studies for students to practice their skills, and a supportive community to cheer each other on.

As a trained engineer myself, I was keen for my children to learn how to code. Juni has created a great learning environment to do just that.

My hope with Juni was to advance my kids’ interest and exposure to coding. I’ve found that my kids quickly identify with their Juni Instructors, and they tend to ask a lot of questions and remain excited about coding.

Tim B., Juni parent

Former Chief Product Officer at Yahoo and CEO at QuestBridge

Evan C.

Juni student

I really enjoy when my instructor gives me challenge problems because they are really fun to solve.

My math course is very challenging, but my instructor helps me overcome the challenges and makes it enjoyable, so I enjoy every last bit of them.

Hollister M.

Juni student

The Juni Learning teaching method works well for me and keeps me challenged.

My favorite thing about Juni is I can learn at my own pace. When I already know some concepts, we can move quickly through them and then we can spend more time on new topics. I look forward to my Juni classes all week!

Juni gave me all types of opportunities to share my projects with the community. I realized people enjoyed them.

Juni has changed my relationship with coding by showing me that I can share my coding with people for them to enjoy. When I was only learning to code, I didn’t share my programs with other people. Then in October, I decided to participate in Juni’s Open Challenge with my friends, and we won the competition. I felt great about it and wanted everyone to see it, because not only did we make an awesome game, but an amazing presentation as well.

Evan C., Juni student

Farukh Saidmuratov

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Juni instructor

My favorite part is seeing Juni students begin to comprehend concepts they are often not introduced to until their college years.

Not only is this a great opportunity for the students, but to me, also represents the start of creating systems of education that are accessible as they are effective. Juni creates an environment that promotes learning and growth not only amongst students, but also within the community itself.

Puja Dutta

Carnegie Mellon University
Juni instructor

I really like bringing a strong energy to my classes, and sharing excitement with my students about learning new topics.

It’s really awesome to see students excited to keep going and be motivated by their own progress and success. I learn from them as much as they learn from me, and their ability to absorb lots of information quickly and apply it to challenging problems continues to amaze me.

I love seeing students progress and gain inspiration from other instructors and students in the greater Juni community.

I like teaching Algebra 1 because I see Algebra as the essential building blocks to constructing a base knowledge of mathematics. I love seeing concepts click for a student when they solve their first equation and graph their first line!

Lindsey McKhann
, Juni instructor

Stanford University

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