Money-Minded: Investing in the Stock Market

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Students are immersed in a virtual stock market simulation. Along the way, they’ll learn about types of investments, risk tolerance, and how gains are made. We also partner with a real-life investment firm and students will offer their expertise on smart investments!

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Age 9-18
50 minutes
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Money-Minded: Investing in the Stock Market

About this Course

This course helps students learn the basics of the stock market and how to intelligently plan an investment strategy. Using a stock market simulator, students will learn what stocks are, how to research companies to build a balanced investment portfolio, and the basics of Bonds & ETFs.


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  • Course duration
    2-3 months
  • Lesson
    50 minutes
  1. Picking My First Stock

    1. I can define what a stock is.
    2. I can explain what it means for a company to be on the Stock Market.
    3. I can identify several key pieces of information about a company's stocks.
    4. I can explain the difference between a private company and a public company.
    5. I can explain factors that make a company successful.
    6. I can create an Investopedia account and join the Simulation.
  2. Strategically Choosing My Stocks

    1. I can explain what a rate of return is.
    2. I can explain the difference between a bull and a bear market.
    3. I understand how an index is used to measure market performance.
    4. I understand how market performance is used to make decisions about long- and short-term investments.
  3. Understanding Compounding Returns

    1. I can explain why people invest.
    2. I can explain broadly what a rate of return is and how to calculate it.
    3. I can explain the difference in the types of returns in different types of investments.
    4. I understand what compound interest is and its importance in investing.
    5. I can explain broadly what inflation is and how it affects investments over time.
    6. I can explain what the Law of 72 is.
  4. Assessing My Portfolio's Risk

    1. I can explain what the relationship is between risk and reward.
    2. I can articulate my own comfort with risk.
    3. I can define what a portfolio is.
    4. I can broadly explain the purpose of the Sharpe Ratio.
    5. I can approximate the risk in my own portfolio based on the Sharpe Ratio.
  5. Investing in Bonds and ETFs

    1. I can explain what it means to have a diversified portfolio.
    2. I can articulate the difference between risk levels and investments in my portfolio.
    3. I can articulate that my risk tolerance is impacted by my “time horizon”.
    4. I can identify different types of investments, their relative risk levels, and the general expected rates of return.
    5. I can choose between the different investments to best diversify my portfolio and get closer to attaining my ideal rate of return.
  1. Diversifying My Stock Portfolio

    1. I can identify ways to get returns on my stocks.
    2. I can define and identify Blue Chip, Cyclical, Defensive, Growth, and IPO stocks.
    3. I understand what sector rotation is and why it is used.
    4. I can broadly explain how to use sector rotation to increase stock returns.
    5. I can define ways to diversify my stock portfolio.
  2. Assessing a Company's Success

    1. I can explain the purpose of financial statements.
    2. I can explain the difference between Revenues, Expenses, and Net Income.
    3. I can look at historical financial data to understand how a company has grown or declined.
    4. I can use the P/E ratio to determine if a company is over or undervalued.
  3. Holding Companies Socially Responsible

    1. I can define what socially responsible investing is
    2. I can make decisions in my investing practices to invest in causes that are important to me.
  4. Shorting Stocks

    1. I can broadly explain the purpose of shorting stocks and the timing required to successfully profit from a short position.
    2. I understand the risks associated with shorting stocks.
  1. Understanding the Value of Cryptocurrency

    1. I can broadly explain the purpose of cryptocurrency.
    2. I can identify the advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrency.

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Juni has been amazing for my daughter. She is a reluctant learner when it comes to Computer Languages, but the Juni instructors have been engaging to her at a level where she feels comfortable with them and they manner in which they present the curriculum. They understood my ask that I Wanted her to start liking computer languages, and they are presenting the information in a way that is fun and relatable. I am very happy with my Juni experience and my daughter's journey with Juni so far!


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