Math at Juni

Juni’s math curriculum is standards-based and centered on discovery-based learning.

Our Curriculum path in math helps students learn to love math, understand themselves and grow in their math confidence and skills.

Register for the course that matches your child's skill level or book a call with an advisor to figure out placement. We have a wide range of courses to choose from, whether you're looking to supplement a course in school with some additional help or looking to advance your child's skill to the next level.


1:1 classes are 50 minutes long and your child's instructor will assign optional homework each week. Join classes from anywhere in the world, we have classes 7 days a week across US timezones.

Hear from a Juni Parent

“The math teacher makes sure that he is having fun as well as being challenged in each class. He has surpassed what they are learning in school and he is feeling up to the challenge to learning new material. He has also helped my son break out the problems with notes and really dissect how it works. This has in turn helped him with school.”
--Kristen, Juni Parent

Billed as
$275/ month
4 classes / month×$68.75 / class
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  • Course duration
    6-9 months
  • Lesson
    50 minutes

Juni's math programs for kids

  • Aligned with math standards

    Our courses are aligned with the most rigorous state standards in order to supplement, reinforce, and prepare for the math skills your child is learning in school. Our courses are expertly-designed to immerse students in each lesson. Student's are guided to problem-solve and discover insights themselves before applying that new knowledge to hands-on applications and projects, so they truly internalize the material and not just memorize it.

  • Student-paced modules

    Our math classes include check points and session notes for parents. Juni provides instructors with essential data they use to adjust pacing, supplement the curriculum, or fill in any learning gaps to ensure your child's proficiency along the way to mastery. That way your child spends more time on the concepts they are struggling with and stays engaged through the concepts they've already mastered.

  • Real-world practice problems

    Our 1:1 math classes are taught by our acclaimed instructors who are rigorously trained on Juni's math curriculum. Our math curriculum is:

    ✓ Designed by a former Dean of a top 20 CA high school and former Juni instructors and math experts

    ✓ Includes thousands of practice problems and projects co-authored by leaders in companies such as Amazon, ServiceNow, and many more

All Juni courses include:

  • Top Instruction

    • Instructors from Top US Universities
    • Expert-Designed Curricula
    • Project-Based Coursework
  • Community

    • Juni Clubs
    • Juni Events
    • Shared Projects
  • Live Support

    • Instructor Office Hours
    • Study Groups
    • Access to Juni Advisors
  • Progress Targets

    • Course Roadmaps
    • Checkpoints
    • Certificates of Completion

Have Questions? Speak to a Juni Advisor Today

Whether your child is refreshing their Math skills or excelling ahead, we're here to help them succeed. Learn more about our Math courses by booking an appointment to speak with a Juni Advisor today.


  • Juni’s math curriculum is standards-based and centered on discovery-based learning. Our math classes can be used to either accelerate your child to the next math level or give them additional support in problem areas. We recommend signing your child up for the level that aligns with their grade in school (or the specific topics you'd like them to focus on), and then our instructors will move at their pace. Instructors can personalize the curriculum and jump/skip modules to best support your child where they need.

  • Juni's math classes provide a space outside of the classroom for children to gain confidence in their math skills. Our 1:1 instructors are not just teachers, they're role models and mentors for your children. This mentorship fosters a safe environment to make mistakes, ask all questions and not face any peer or other pressure. Their instructor is there to guide them and work at their pace, so they'll never feel like they can't keep up.

    Juni's math classes are great not only for remedial help, but also to get ahead and move at a faster pace than school classes. This can help them skip ahead to different math levels.

  • Our math classes are all project based and involve lots of screen sharing. Our instructors annotate the screen, and utilize Juni's online whiteboard to demonstrate problems, and mark up student's work with questionsm, highlighting and more. Our classes are all 50 minutes, with an optional 30-60 minutes of homework to complete in between sessions.

  • Juni's math courses are flexible in that they can be used for whatever your need is. You can use the classes for supplemental help to reinforce certain topics, to catch up with school classes, or to get ahead and potentially skip a class in school. All classes are student-paced, and instructors and students can work together and skip modules as needed based on the student's interest, ability and goals. Our math program is there as a guide, and your child and their instructor can use it however your family needs!

  • We’re made to fit your schedule—

    You can build your plan for 1:1 classes at a frequency and time that work best for you. You can always reschedule or adjust if anything changes later!

    Outside of classes, there is typically 30-60 minutes of optional homework to accelerate the learning. Juni students also get access to clubs, additional class support, and project creation tools!

  • Our courses require: 1- A desktop or laptop computer that runs Windows or Mac OS, with a working microphone, speaker, and webcam. 2- The Chrome browser and Zoom Client must be installed. 3- A high-speed internet connection (at least 10 Mbps). We also strongly recommend headphones to help your child to concentrate, and be immersed in the virtual classroom.

  • Our Support team is available 7 days a week and you can email them at