Tutoring at Juni

Juni's Tutoring path is our customizable option that caters to your child's schoolwork or other outside work. Our instructors devote the whole session to whatever your child needs help with, from math homework to applying for a coding competition.

Tutoring at Juni

  • Near Peer Role Models

    At Juni, our instructors are more than just teachers. Since they are college students or recent graduates themselves, they are actually near peer mentors. Your child will meet with the same instructor every week to instill confidence and a love of learning.

  • Bring Your Own Curriculum

    With Juni Tutoring, your child will be responsible for bringing what they'd like to focus on in their class. After you select which subject you'd like, your child can bring any material within that subject to work on in class. Our instructors also have access to Juni's curriculum for extra practice problems and projects.

  • Completely Customizable

    With Juni Tutoring, each session can be tailored to your child's needs that week. Class time will be used to review materials the student brings to class, and then they will work on it together.

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Tutoring Pricing

Juni's Tutoring path is offered at the same pricing model as our Juni Curriculum path.

With 4 sessions/month, your child can customize Juni to their learning needs while working 1:1 with one of our acclaimed instructors.

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Customize your learning

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  • This completely depends on your learning goals for your child. With both paths, your child will work with an amazing instructor. The difference is how the class time is used.

    With our Curriculum path, they are following Juni's proprietary curriculum with laid out modules, homework, milestones, check ins and a final project. This is great if you want your child to learn something new and use all of Juni's material.

    With our Tutoring path, your child is responsible for bringing material to work on. This is customizable, so can be used for schoolwork, college preparatory materials, competitions and more. This is a great option if your child needs extra support on any of those items and someone to hold them accountable weekly with setting goals.

  • Our tutors are all college students or recent graduates who are vetted and trained by Juni. The majority are currently studying the topic they are teaching our students, and many have also tutored prior to joining Juni as well. What makes our tutoring stand out is the relationship between our students and their tutors (called instructors). Our instructors are not just teachers, but near peer role models who guide our students and foster confidence and a joy of learning.

  • We offer tutoring for grades 1-12 and in Math, SAT & ACT Test Prep. If you're looking for tutoring in more subjects, feel free to book a call to speak with a member of our Support team about your request.

  • For learning completely new material, we would recommend the Juni Curriculum path. With this path, our instructors will use Juni's proprietary curriculum, complete with hands-on projects, homework, milestones and check-ins, to learn completely new material. Your child will not have to source any materials to bring to class, they just need to show up willing to learn!

  • To get help with schoolwork, we would recommend the Juni Tutoring path. With this path, your child can bring in their school math homework which their instructor will go over with them and help them work on it. They can also use Juni's curriculum to supplement with extra practice problems and homework as needed. Having weekly tutoring sessions helps hold your child accountable with their math homework and even helps them get ahead in their workbook if they'd like.

  • Our tutoring sessions require: 1- A desktop or laptop computer that runs Windows or Mac OS, with a working microphone, speaker, and webcam. 2- The Chrome browser and Zoom Client must be installed. 3- A high-speed internet connection (at least 10 Mbps). We also strongly recommend headphones to help your child to concentrate, and be immersed in the virtual classroom.

  • Our online tutoring is a great option for a few reasons:

    1. All tutors are interviewed, vetted, trained and shadowed by Juni
    2. Your child will work with the same tutor every week, and our tutors are college-age, so they also serve as near-peer role models
    3. We offer easy rescheduling 24 hrs before class in case something comes up in your schedule
    4. Tutors send session notes to parents post-class so parents can see what their child worked on
  • Juni's one on one tutoring is centered on personalized instruction. In each class, your child's tutor will review the material, outline goals, and work with your child at their pace. Each class is customizable based on what material your child brings to work on. Our tutors are trained to take the time to get to know each child so that they can cater their instruction style to the child's personality and learning type.

  • After each tutoring session, your child's tutor will send detailed session notes outlining what they worked on in class. These session notes will be sent via email to parents and are also available in our Juni portal. Parents can also respond to the session notes with follow-up questions or feedback for the tutor.

  • Our tutoring classes are scheduled for 4x/month at the same time every week. These classes can be rescheduled up to 24 hrs before the class time, with easy make-ups available in the Juni Portal. You can always request a new recurring time if your child's schedule changes. You can also increase to 8x/month or buy a single-use pack of 4 tutoring sessions for $300 that can be scheduled on an as-needed basis.