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We’re here to bring out the greatness in every learner, as early as they’re ready. Right here, right now. Because we see potential at every age. And we believe everybody has the power to be a superstar in something.

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Where are our instructors now?
Picture of six current juni instructors

Who are our instructors?

  • They attend top U.S. universities

    Think UC Berkeley, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and more.

  • Many have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups that are changing the world.

    Think Google, Amazon, Apple, Uber, Zoom, McKinsey, Microsoft, Spotify, Masterclass, Roblox, and more. Some have even come to work at Juni!

  • They demonstrate subject matter expertise

    They are majoring in the topics they are teaching! This means they have recent, in-depth knowledge on the subject. In some cases, they have already had jobs or internships in the field.

  • They are US based

    All instructors are based in the US and attend top US universities.

  • They are experienced

    Many have had previous teaching or mentorship experience. This ensures they know the basics about spreading knowledge to others.

  • They have a passion for making a difference in the lives of students.

    Most importantly, they want to make an impact on the next generation!

Our Core Belief

We believe learning is human. Especially when it comes to online learning. No matter how you learn, a Juni instructor is there to support you along the way.

  • Our Hiring Process

    We hire fewer than 10% of all applications from university students to be Juni instructors. This is because we have a robust process and strict standards. They are not only interviewed for subject matter expertise, but also classroom management and online energy.

    Our hiring process includes:

    1. Resume Review
    2. Interview
    3. Final Review
    4. Background Check
    5. Confirmation & Onboarding
  • Gigi, a Juni coding instructor, smiling and a Wellesley College logo.

    Instructor Training

    Once hired, Juni Instructors are onboarded by our dedicated Instructor Success team. Instructors then attend one-on-one and community training sessions and are connected with a senior Instructor before their first class.

    After their first class, Instructors are routinely shadowed and given individualized feedback on their instruction and student engagement. Instructors are also able to reach out to the Instructor Success team at any time for ongoing training on instructional strategies.

    "Out of all my tutoring experiences, Juni had by far the most timely and comprehensive support and responses. I really respect Juni for their mission." Mackhai N - Juni Instructor

  • Photo of Juni Investing Instructor Jimmy H smiling broadly in a blue patterned shirt, and Northwestern University logo

    A Near-Peer Mentor

    We’ve found students connect and respond best with instructors they feel socially connected to and can see themselves in. As near-peer mentors, our instructors have a better sense of students' mindsets, struggles, concerns, and interests, and are able to leverage this connection to our students' advantage.

    One of the great advantages is the added benefit of offering our students a glimpse into a college career and academic path they can aspire to and learn more about.

    "I truly loved working at Juni and especially appreciated the relationships I got to create with my students and their families. I really believe in Juni courses as I saw many students learn and grow so much." Ethan W - Juni Instructor

I was the first Computer Science instructor at Juni.

It was important to me that I designed and tested our first set of curriculum myself, to make sure that kids felt empowered through building hands-on projects while also still having fun. For all of our instructors, we hold that same bar. We hire by looking for people who can inspire a student and guide them along a path of success, and also connect with a student as a mentor and role model."

Vivian Shen, Juni staff

Juni CEO & Co-Founder

Learn with instructors who inspire.

Juni's vetted instructors are from top US Universities and provide our students the support and mentorship they need to succeed.