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How to Make a Platformer on Scratch (Beginners 8+)

A platformer is a game where a character moves to and from platforms or over obstacles (ex: Super Mario Bros.) Learn to make your own using Scratch!

Meet Our June 2021 Project of the Month Winners | Python & Scratch

Find amazing winning projects by Juni students in English and coding. Read their exciting stories and play the fun games they created now!

Thank you, EdTech! Juni wins award for “Best Tutoring Solution.”

Juni just received the "Best Tutoring Solution Award" from EdTech Breakthrough, an org that recognizes top companies in the global edtech market!

Meet Our April 2021 Project of the Month Winners | Coding & English

Find amazing winning projects by Juni students in English and coding. Read their exciting stories and play the fun games they created now!

They’re Here! Find a Club to Explore and Discover Your Passions + Check Out Juni’s New Look

Find online clubs for kids with Juni Clubs. Students ages 7-18 can meet friends and role models to pursue and share their passions. Learn more now!

New English Course: Write Your Own Picture Book

We're thrilled to launch our second elementary-level English course for 2nd and 3rd grade students, Early Elementary B: Write Your Own Picture Book.

English Open Challenge Winners: January 2021

In our first English Open Challenge, students were asked to synthesize their experiences with COVID and envision a brighter future. Meet our winners!

Exploring Literacy: Discovery-Based Elementary English

Kids learn English best from student-centered programs. Learn how Juni's elementary English course empowers students to discover foundational skills.

Rethinking How Kids Learn Math

Math success for kids starts with a strong foundation. Learn how our discovery-based courses give students the tools they need to become math experts.

Meet Genesis Luna, Math Curriculum Specialist | Ask Me Anything

Learn how fun it can be as a math major, from someone who writes our math curriculum. Genesis shares personal advice, college experience, and more.

How We Teach Grammar to Middle School Students | Our Middle School C English Course

Grammar doesn’t have to be boring. Learn how our course uses comprehensive and engaging projects to help your student master grammar and mechanics.

Mathematics Open Challenge Winners: November 2020

Meet our Math Open Challenge winners for Novemeber 2020. Kids from across the country participated in our Mission Artemis-themed math competition.

Our AP Calculus Course - How We Prepare Students for the AP Calculus Exam

Our new AP Calculus course is built on College Board exam standards. Learn how it prepares students for AP Calculus AB or BC exam day.

Write Your Own Story in Our Novel Writing Course

Learn how to write your own novel for kids, in our online Novel Writing course! Use creative learning strategies to write a masterpiece.

Announcing Our New Features - Recording Studio & Playground!

The Juni Learner Portal now lets students share and record their projects in videos! Watch some of our first amazing student project presentations.