Private online coding classes for kids

Juni Learning is an online academy specializing in computer science and mathematics, offering private online classes for students ages 8-18 to learn to coding and mathematics from the comfort of their homes.

Presidents and Technology

A Brief History of U.S. Presidents & Technology

A short history of U.S. Presidents and Tech in honor of President’s Day. Who was the first President to ride on a train? First President with a telephone?

parent and child debunking the myths of coding

4 Myths About Coding for Kids

There are many misconceptions regarding what coding actually is and what it takes to become a capable coder. Here, we dispel some of these common myths about coding.

VandyHacks Hackathon

Hackathons 101 Guide

What exactly is a hackathon and how do you prepare for one? How do you find a hackathon team? Learn more about what happens at a hackathon!

Juni Learning coding project of the month - November and December 2019

Project of the Month Winners: November and December 2019

Juni Learning highlights our Project of the Month winners for November and Deceber 2019, with projects in Python, Javascript, and Java. Standout students programmed games like Breakout, Pong Tennis, and Donkey Kong!

Coding games and toys for kids

Coding Gifts for Tweens: Ages 10, 11, 12

Discover the best coding gifts for kids ages 10-12 that get them excited to learn computer science! Top recommendations for code toys, apps, games, and kits.

Students studying for computer science

How to Get into a Top-Tier Computer Science Program

Learn what it takes and how to prepare to get into a computer science program at a top-tier university from Juni Learning and a top college admissions coach, Agnes Chen.

College admissions

Misconceptions & Tips: College Admissions Process | Juni Learning

Justin Lee, Founder and CEO of Primiere Prep Inc, explains common myths about the college admissions process and tips on how a student can stand out to college admission advisors.

Juni Learning coding project of the month - October 2019

Project of the Month Winners: October 2019

Juni Learning highlights our Project of the Month winners for October 2019, with projects spanning games with Python with Turtle to a program to help teacher organize their gradebooks.

Python vs. Java programming language comparison - Credit:

Python vs. Java: Uses, Performance, Learning

Python vs Java? Read our comparison of usage, utility, applications, and performance, as well as ease of learning for Python and Java.

Juni Champions League Hackathon Winners: October 2019

Juni Champions League Hackathon Winners: October 2019

Juni Learning highlights the first winners of our Juni Champions League Hackathon. Students' coding projects included Scratch and Python projects and video games and data science & analytics.

An early computing machine used for coding

Great Coders in History You May Not Know

Read about great male and female coders and programmers in history, and their significant contributions to computer science, who you may have never heard of.

Kids and coding is more than a fad

8 Reasons Coding for Kids is Not Just Another Fad

Coding is a field where there is a world of opportunity for students looking to get involved in the tech world. Learn why coding for kids is not just a fad!

Juni Learning coding project of the month - September 2019

Project of the Month Winners: September 2019

Our first winners of the coding Project of the Month award! Winners included Python Level 1 projects and data science & analytics.

Data scientist analyzing big data

How is Coding Used in Data Science & Analytics

Learn why coding algorithms and models is invaluable to a data scientist navigating data hierarchies, working with big data, and querying datasets.

Kid learning to code

Coding For Kids: Getting Started Learning Programming

Computer programming for kids teaches important life skills, like perseverance, algorithmic thinking, creativinty, & logic. Read our guide to getting your child started learning to code.

Encourage STEM education to build critical thinking skills

How to Encourage STEM in Early Education

In this post, we discuss how encouraging early STEM education for young children will help develop their interdisciplinary critical thinking and set them up with skills for future success.

Rubix cube - Photo by Olav Ahrens Rotne on Unsplash

What Are Algorithms & Why Are They Important

An algorithm is a set of step-by-step procedures, or a set of rules to follow, for completing a task or solving a specific problem. Read more about common computer science algorithms and why they are important to our daily lives.

Studying Computer Science at Vanderbilt University - Credit:

Studying Computer Science at Vanderbilt

Computer Science is now the 5th most popular major at Vanderbilt University. Read more what it's like to study Computer science at Vanderbilt.

Scratch is a great beginning programming languages for kids

Scratch: Beginning Coding Language for Kids

With colorful characters and visual building blocks, Scratch is a great first programming language for children to create games, puzzles, and animations.

Students taking the AP CS exam - Credit:

Preparing for the AP Computer Science A Exam

Tips for AP Computer Science A Exam preparation, along with how exam scores transfer to credits at top universities.

UC Berkeley campus - Credit:

Studying Computer Science (CS) at UC Berkeley

What it's like to study computer science at UC Berkeley in either degree program, BA in Computer Science or BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows symbol - credit:

Beginner Coding Project: Python & Harry Potter

Here's a coding project idea for beginners in Python. This Harry Potter inspired programming mini-project will help young coders get started!

Computer science lecture at university

Getting Into An Elite Computer Science (CS) School

We share insights on how to apply to an elite computer science school, along with profiles of students attending these top universities.

Team of programmers

Careers in Coding & Computer Science

With a shortage of qualified people in computer science, it is important for kids today to know about the many different career paths in computer science.

Algorithms for kids

The Importance of Algorithms for Kids

For kids, understanding the process of building an algorithm helps them build a strong foundation in programming, logical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Girls in computer science

Empowering Girls in Computer Science

Getting girls to code helps them build the skills needed for success in STEM fields. Here, we explain what supports empowering girls in computer science.

CMU campus - Credit:

What It's Like To Study Computer Science At CMU

Insights & helpful tips on what it's like to study at Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science (SCS) from one of our instructors at Juni Learning.

Cubetto, a completely screenless coding toy for kids 6 and under

Best Coding Games, Toys, & Apps for Kids

Our recommendations for games, toys, and software that can supplement kids' learning in programming and spark their interest in STEM.

Juni Learning USACO Training Program

USACO Training & Competition Results

Information about Juni's USACO online training program, and highlights of our students' results in December 2018 and January 2019 USACO contests.

Live online coding class

Hello Y Combinator!

Today, we're proud to launch publicly as part of Y Combinator's Winter 2018 batch!

Live online coding class

Why Is Coding Important For Kids To Learn?

Your children have a vast array of activities to choose from to enrich their education, so why should coding be a priority for your childing?

Live online coding class

What Is A Private Online Coding Class?

At Juni, we are an online academy specializing in computer science. Learn the specifics of exactly what happens during one of our private online coding classes.

Omar Khan

Behind the Screen: Omar Khan

Omar Khan is an instructor at Juni Learning. He is currently pursuing his B.S. in Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

Jordyn Pinochi

Behind the Screen: Jordyn Pinochi

Jordyn Pinochi is an instructor at Juni Learning. She is currently pursuing her B.A. in Cognitive Science with a minor in Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

Pratyusha Javangula

Behind the Screen: Pratyusha Javangula

Pratyusha Javangula is an instructor at Juni Learning. She is currently pursuing her M.S. in Symbolic Systems at Stanford University.

Julia Grace

Behind the Screen: Julia Grace

Julia Grace is an instructor at Juni Learning. She is currently pursuing her B.S. in Computer Science at Stanford University and is also a member of the Stanford Equestrian team.

Bianca Dennis

Behind the Screen: Bianca Dennis

Bianca Dennis is an instructor at Juni Learning and holds a B.A. in South Asian and African Studies from Columbia University. She has previously been a Teaching Assistant at the New York Code + Design Academy.

Kara Christensen

Behind the Screen: Kara Christensen

Kara Christensen is an instructor at Juni Learning. She is currently pursuing her B.S. in Applied Mathematics at UCLA, where she is a Regents Scholar.

David Wang

Behind the Screen: David Wang

David Wang is an instructor at Juni Learning. He holds a M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University. David is currently serving in AmeriCorps in the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Daniela Gonzalez

Behind the Screen: Daniela Gonzalez

Daniela Gonzalez is an instructor at Juni Learning. She is currently pursuing her B.S. in Computer Science at Stanford University and enjoys hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, painting, and reading.

Juni Instructors

Introducing Behind the Screen

Today, we're introducing Behind the Screen, a blog series that features the stories behind our exceptional team.

Hazeli Hagen

Behind the Screen: Nazeli Hagen

Nazeli Hagen is an instructor at Juni Learning. She is currently pursuing her B.A. in Computer Science at Harvard University and sings in the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum.

Joe Yao

Behind the Screen: Joe Yao

Joe Yao is the Lead Instructor at Juni Learning. In addition to teaching his students, Joe finds and interviews many of our instructors from top Computer Science universities across the country.

Juni Founders

Empower Your Kids to Love Coding

"In the new economy, computer science isn't an optional skill." -Barack Obama