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How to Code Your Own Website (for Beginners 12+) | Beginner Web Development

Always wanted your own website? Learn how to make one with no web design experience needed! Get creative with basic HTML/CSS for kids and beginners.

How to Introduce Computational Thinking to Kids

Computational thinking is important to coding and to problem-solving. Learn how to introduce kids to computational thinking using simple examples.

Make a Random Password Generator | Beginner Java Project

Making a random password generator in Java is a great way to learn how real-life programs work. Learn how to make one yourself with this walkthrough.

How to Teach Kids Variables

Discover how to introduce children to variables, their usage in coding and mathematics, and how those usages relate to each other.

Make a Countdown and Pomodoro Timer in Python | Intermediate Python Tutorial

Make your own countdown timer in Python coding with this step-by-step walkthrough. Then, learn how to turn it into a Pomodoro timer as a bonus!

Juni Coding Open Challenge Winners: October 2020

Our coding competition for kids, the Juni Coding Open Challenge, just wrapped up for October 2020! Meet the winners and projects for this month.

How to Introduce Debugging to Kids

Debugging is an important part of coding and problem solving. Learn how to introduce debugging to kids using simple, effective, and fun techniques.

Make a Rock Paper Scissors Game in Python | Intermediate Python Tutorial

Code your own rock paper scissors game in Python with this intermediate Python tutorial. Follow this tutorial to make a game against your computer.

6 Ways Coding is Teaching Kids Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are crucial to a child’s success. Learn how coding can give children a head-start on becoming expert problem solvers.

How to Make a Timer in Scratch (Beginners 8+)

Timers make Scratch games more challenging and fun. Learn how to instantly spice up your game with this easy code for a Scratch timer.

Top 7 Computer Science Basics All Kids Should Learn

Setting goals is an important part of teaching any skill, including computer science. Learn the most important coding basics all kids should know.

Make Your Own Virtual Zoom Background | Beginner Python Coding Tutorial

Design your own virtual background to standout in video calls for school or just hanging out. Use easy Python code to make awesome animation graphics!

My First Scratch Project | Intro to Scratch for Kids 8+ (Part 1)

Code your first Scratch project for complete beginners! Follow this introduction to Scratch series to learn beginner concepts and how to use Scratch.

How to Make a Rock-Paper-Scissors Game in Java | Beginner Java Project

Learn how to make a rock-paper-scissors game project in basic Java coding. This tutorial will help you practice loops, conditionals, and more.

How to Make A Sprite Move Smoothly in Scratch (Intermediate Kids 8+)

Improve your Scratch sprite movement with this more advanced method. Make your sprites more smooth and realistic with this code.