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Mastering the Three Trigonometric Ratios: Sin Cos Tan

Sin cos tan are the trigonometric ratios that relate the sides and angles of a right triangle. Master sin cos tan here and learn how to apply them!

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Understanding the Properties of Alternate Exterior Angles

Alternate exterior angles are formed when a transversal line cuts through parallel lines. Each pair of alternate exterior angles share equal measures.

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3 Easy Methods for Converting Fractions and Decimals

Learn how to convert fractions and decimals using basic conversion, equivalent fractions, and long division in this simple math guide.

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Types of Parenting Styles and How it Impacts Kids

Learn about the four parenting styles that can be an important determinant for children as they develop social skills and cultivate traits.

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Associative Property of Addition: A Simple Tool for Growing Math Skills

Up your math skills by learning more about addition's properties, or special math rules, that make adding fun, including the associative property.

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Factoring Higher Degree Polynomials

How, then, can we solve polynomials of higher degrees? By factoring! Here's a guide on how to factor.

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One on One Tutoring

Tutoring has many benefits, and it proves to be an incredibly valuable addition to a child’s academic journey.

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Why Investing For Children Means Better Financial Literacy For Kids

Financial literacy plays a huge role in a child's development, whether it’s small steps like a savings account or bigger financial learnings.

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How to Improve Test Scores at Home

As students return to classrooms, there is a greater need for support as they adjust to being in a learning environment.

a Rock Paper Scissors game built in Java

How to Make a Rock-Paper-Scissors Game in Java | Beginner Java Project

Learn how to make a rock-paper-scissors game project in basic Java coding. This tutorial will help you practice loops, conditionals, and more.

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What Are Algorithms? A Guide to Algorithms for Children

What are algorithms and how do they impact not just coding, but our daily lives? Learn how they work, and why they matter, by reading this post today.

A character jumping in a Scratch game

How to Make a Sprite Jump in Scratch for Beginners (Kids 8+)

Learn how to make sprites jump in Scratch for beginners to code more creative games. We break down simple jumping and how to look more realistic.

Juni Student Irith teaches you how you can code Tic Tac Toe in Java.

Code a Tic Tac Toe Game Java | Beginner-Intermediate Tutorial

Code a multiplayer tic-tac-toe game in Java! This beginner Java tutorial is a more challenging one, but we'll show you step-by-step how to build it.

Information on the new math method

Understanding The New Math Method for Parents

More and more parents are finding themselves struggling with the new Common Core math methods. Here's a helpful guide to help you understand it.

Information on why homework is helpful

Why Homework Is Important to Kids and Parents

Find out why homework is important, what your kids should be doing, and how you can help them succeed at home.