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How to Code a PacMan Game (No Maze) | Intermediate Scratch Tutorial

Create a Pac-Man game in Scratch with ghosts and extra features. Code a classic favorite yourself now with Scratch coding!

First Instructor Coding Open Challenge | Meet Our September 2020 Winners!

Announcing our first coding contest for Juni Instructors! Come see our winning instructor projects, and how their students inspired their creations.

5 Best Programming Languages for Kids

Choosing the best kids coding language doesn’t have to be hard. Discover some of the most accessible and engaging options for any age group.

How to Make a Sprite Jump in Scratch for Beginners (Kids 8+)

Learn how to make sprites jump in Scratch for beginners to code more creative games. We break down simple jumping and how to look more realistic.

Top 8 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Learn to Code

There are many great reasons why kids should learn to code. Learn how coding skills enhance socialization, problem-solving, and more.

How to Make a Game on Scratch with Levels for Beginners (Kids 8+)

Level up your own Scratch game by following this beginner tutorial! Learn how to code levels, while exploring game level design.

5 Reasons Why Having Multiple Mentors Prepares Kids for the Future

Exposing kids to multiple instructors or mentors has numerous benefits. Read more about how having different mentors helps kids build life skills.

Juni Mathematics Open Challenge Winners: August 2020

Our first online math competition for kids resulted in some amazing submissions and creative presentations. Check out our winners for each league!

Meet Our July 2020 Coding Project of the Month Winners

Explore our winning Scratch and Python coding projects for July 2020. Check out what these awesome Juni students built in their classes.

What is Java Coding? | Computer Science for Kids 12+

Learn more about what the Java coding language is and how it's used in the real world. Explore the advantages of Java and how you can start learning.

Draw the Solar System | Beginner Python Graphics

Build your own solar system to scale in Python Turtle. Practice fundamental Python concepts with this creative computer graphics coding project.

Meet Irith and Irika! | Juni Student Stories

Meet long-time Juni coding students Irith and Irika. Learn more about these siblings' journey through AP Computer Science, Web Development, and USACO.

How to Graph in Python | Python Data Science Tutorial

Watch this Python data visualization tutorial to learn how to graph using pandas, dataframes, and seaborn. Graph your own survey data in Python now.

13 Fun Math Games for Kids | Free Kids Math Resources

Discover top online math games and fun DIY math activities for kids. Try these 13 free games and improve your child's math skills and engagement.

Code a Giant Tic Tac Toe Game | Beginner Java Tutorial

Challenge your Java tic tac toe game by making it giant! Follow this tutorial to add more rows, with core concepts like 2D arrays and functions.