Find informational guides on coding for kids, programming languages, STEM learning, and more.

After School Coding Classes: Unlock Your Child's Potential

Empower your child with after-school coding classes to develop essential skills, spark a passion for technology, and unlock their full potential.

How to choose a virtual summer camp for kids

How to Choose a Perfect Virtual Camp: A Guide for Parents

Explore the ultimate guide for parents on choosing virtual summer camps with all the reasons why. Learn how to find the perfect fit for your child!

What are the best Roblox camps for kids?

Roblox Camps: Sparking Your Child's Creative Imagination

How does Roblox summer camp encourage creativity among kids? The answer will surprise you. Read on to discover how it works and our top 5 picks.

Kindergarten coding: Why it's never too early to start programming

Kindergarten Coding: It's Never Too Early to Start

Explore the advantages of kindergarten programming for young kids. Learn how to make your child interested in coding with our comprehensive guide.

The best Python summer camps for kids

Choosing the Best Python Summer Camp for Your Young Coder

There are many Python summer camps, but how do you know which one is the best for your young coder? Check our camps overview to make the right choice.

A selection of the best high school coding classes

Find the Best High School Coding Classes With This Guide

Looking for high school coding classes? Discover expert tips for finding the perfect fit, from app development to machine learning. Get started!

Machine learning on typewriter

Demystifying AI: An Introduction to Machine Learning for Kids

Step into the realm of AI and Machine Learning for kids with Juni Learning. Understand how these pivotal technologies shape our world and the future.

Girl in front of chalkboard

Enhancing Cognitive Abilities: The Impact of Memory Games for Kids

Explore memory games for kids with Juni Learning! Understand the science of memory, its impact on cognitive growth, and impactful approach of games.

boy playing with windmill with parent

Nurturing Young Minds: Teaching the Scientific Method to Kids

Delve into the scientific method for kids, cultivating curiosity, and its application. Learn how Juni fosters critical thinking in young minds.

Boy and mom working on laptop on couch

Igniting Creativity: The Joy of Coding Games for Kids

See into the world of coding games for kids! Discover how they spark creativity, boost cognitive development, and are both fun and education at Juni.

child and parent playing math games to learn math

13 Fun Math Games for Kids | Free Kids Math Resources

Find out simple ideas to develop math skill indoor and outdoor. Check out these 13 free math games resources and improve your child's math skills.

Rubix cube - Photo by Olav Ahrens Rotne on Unsplash

What Are Algorithms? A Guide to Algorithms for Children

Get an easy explanation of how algorithms work for your kids. Learn a practical application by solving a Rubik’s Cube as an example of an algorithm.

common core math

A Comprehensive Guide on Common Core Math Standards

See for yourself how common core math standards have transformed classrooms across states. Understand how common core math prepares for the future!

what is calculus used for

What Is Calculus Used For? It’s Time To Unveil Its Power!

Discover the impact that calculus has, from the buildings that we see to the movies we watch. Explore how calculus has made our lives easier here!

what color is math

What Color Is Math? Explore the Vibrant Palette of Math!

Dive into the vibrant shades of math. We often associate subjects with colors and that includes math. See what color math truly represents here!

alphabet number code

It’s Time To Decode Alphanumeric Characters and Their Applications

Understand the basics of alphanumeric characters and the alphabet number code. See how they have been a part of our lives. Learn more in this article!