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What is Python Used for? | Major Industries

Learn how Python is used everyday in the world around us. These industries and applications use Python to build innovative technology and solutions.

What is Python: A 101 Guide for Students

Learn more about Python, a popular coding language regularly taught in schools and to new coders. Read about its basic features, strengths, and uses.

What is Scratch: Easy Coding for Kids 8-11

Discover the Scratch coding language, and why it’s great for kids learning coding. Read how Scratch teaches important life skills and coding basics.

A Brief History of U.S. Presidents & Technology

Juni is celebrating President’s Day with some presidential history related to technology. Do you know who the first President to use a telephone was?

4 Myths About Coding for Kids

There are many misconceptions about programming and what it takes to become a coder. Discover the most commons myths in this post.

Hackathon Guide 2020: Learn All About Hackathon Events

What exactly is a hackathon? Read up on this guide and learn all about hackathons, including how to best prepare for an event and achieve success.

Coding Gifts for Tweens: Ages 10, 11, 12

Get your kids excited about coding. Discover top interactive gift recommendations for your tweens including toys, games, gadgets, and apps.

Python vs Java for Kids: Performance, Uses, & Learning

What's are the differences between Python and Java? Which one should my child learn? Discover the answers to these questions, and more, with our post.

Great Coders in History You May Not Know

Read about the greatest programmers in history, and their significant contributions to the world. Inspire your children with these incredible stories.

8 Reasons Coding for Kids is Not Just a Fad

Coding for kids is not just another fad. Discover the important reasons why your kids should start learning how to code.

Explore the Role of Coding in Data Science & Analytics

Find out what data science is all about and discover the role coding plays in it. Discover more by reading this post today.

Basic Programming For Kids | Have Fun & Learn With Us

Coding teaches your kids perseverance, creativity, logic, and more. Discover these helpful tips to drive your child's interest in coding today.

How to Encourage STEM in Early Education | Kids STEM

Want your child to be set up for success in the world of tomorrow? Discover how a STEM education is a passport to future career options, and more.

What Are Algorithms & Why Are They Important

An algorithm is a set of step-by-step procedures, or a set of rules to follow, for completing a task or solving a specific problem. Read more about common computer science algorithms and why they are important to our daily lives.

Discover Scratch For Kids and Online Scratch Classes for Beginners

Discover why Scratch is a great first programming language for your kids. It lets them create games, puzzles, and more. Learn more with our post.

What are Algorithms? Guide to Algorithms for Children

What are algorithms and how do they impact not just coding, but our daily lives? Learn how they work, and why they matter, by reading this post today.