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Best JavaScript Projects for Kids | Learn JavaScript - Juni

Here are the best JavaScript projects that kids love. Have fun and learn at the same time. Visit us now.

How to Introduce Computational Thinking to Kids

Computational thinking is important to coding and to problem-solving. Learn how to introduce kids to computational thinking using simple examples.

How to Teach Kids Variables

Discover how to introduce children to variables, their usage in coding and mathematics, and how those usages relate to each other.

How to Introduce Debugging to Kids

Debugging is an important part of coding and problem solving. Learn how to introduce debugging to kids using simple, effective, and fun techniques.

6 Ways Coding is Teaching Kids Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are crucial to a child’s success. Learn how coding can give children a head-start on becoming expert problem solvers.

Top 7 Computer Science Basics All Kids Should Learn

Setting goals is an important part of teaching any skill, including computer science. Learn the most important coding basics all kids should know.

A 5-Step Guide to Teaching Kids Coding

Teaching kids to code is easier than you think. Learn how to pick a coding language, use their interests to keep them engaged, and more.

5 Best Programming Languages for Kids

Choosing the best kids coding language doesn’t have to be hard. Discover some of the most accessible and engaging options for any age group.

Top 8 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Learn to Code

There are many great reasons why kids should learn to code. Learn how coding skills enhance socialization, problem-solving, and more.

5 Reasons Why Having Multiple Mentors Prepares Kids for the Future

Exposing kids to multiple instructors or mentors has numerous benefits. Read more about how having different mentors helps kids build life skills.

What is Java Coding? | Computer Science for Kids 12+

Learn more about what the Java coding language is and how it's used in the real world. Explore the advantages of Java and how you can start learning.

13 Fun Math Games for Kids | Free Kids Math Resources

Discover top online math games and fun DIY math activities for kids. Try these 13 free games and improve your child's math skills and engagement.

What is Python Used for? | Major Industries

Learn how Python is used everyday in the world around us. These industries and applications use Python to build innovative technology and solutions.

What is Scratch: Easy Coding for Kids Ages 8-11

Discover the Scratch coding language, and why it’s great for kids learning coding. Read how Scratch teaches important life skills and coding basics.

What is Python Coding? | Coding for Kids Ages 11+

Learn more about Python, a popular coding language regularly taught in schools and to new coders. Read about its basic features, strengths, and uses.

A Brief History of U.S. Presidents & Technology

Juni is celebrating President’s Day with some presidential history related to technology. Do you know who the first President to use a telephone was?