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Explore projects created by Juni students and instructors around the world!

    • Python

    • Classic Games

    Juni student

    Pet World

    By jkdawg99

    In jkdawg99’s Python Level 1 Master Project, your goal is to do all the chores and collect all the pets! Your character always moves forward, and you turn left and right with the arrow keys. Check out the cool custom shapes!

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    • Python

    • Juniverse Challenge

    Juni instructor

    Dandelion Dreams

    By Julia

    Julia explores dreamy dandelion graphics for the Cubism coding challenge. The petals are all made up of smaller cubes, that all come together with a variety of colors and directions that form a lovely flower.

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    • Python

    • Classic Games

    Juni student

    Blue a Platform

    By Selin_Geylani

    Selin_Geylani built a blue platform game in this exciting Python with Turtle project. Jump across platforms and dodge obstacles to reach the goal, then advance through harder levels!

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