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  • Flexible and personalized instruction at your pace.

  • Encouragement to explore your interests, create new ideas, and overcome challenges.

  • Solid foundations by applying your skills to creative projects.

  • A personal teammate and mentor, who teaches for your learning style.

Your journey starts with Juni

  • The most inspiring instructors from top-tier institutions

    Teaching with Juni is a way for me to provide students opportunities I wish I had growing up in a small town.

    Juni Instructor Gabriel is an incoming Apple Software Engineer. He’s worked on the 2020 Mars Rover at NASA, software for The Percentage Project, and VandyApps tech workshops. He’ll graduate Vanderbilt University with honors in Computer Science, Asian Studies, and Applied Math.

  • One-of-a-kind curriculum that excites and engages

    Every course helps students fly higher with even more innovation and discovery. Pave your own path, with a wide range of creative projects and real-world topics that take exploration far beyond the classroom.

  • 1:1 personal guidance that takes your skills further

    Teaching starts with your learning style, and grows into the support and feedback you need to level up your skills. Whether you need to speed up, explore deeper, or take more time to review—your instructor’s with you every step of the way.

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I think my Juni experience will help me in the future, and my classes are going great!

My instructor does a great job breaking things down when I don't understand. Now, instead of rushing to finish my homework, I take my time and small steps. I started getting my work done every week.

Rasika B., Juni student