Juni Learning is the best one-on-one instructional coding class that my son has ever taken! We have been with Juni for 2 years and my 14 year old son just loves his instructor and has learned so much in such a short time.

Since time is limited and we are constantly juggling activities, we both love the flexibility and quality that we get with every session. My son feels confident and excited to tackle every problem and successfully figure out a solution. Can't thank Juni enough for their wonderful instructors, support and encouragement!

—Amy K.

Our customers love what we do

Juni Learning provides a unique learning program in Computer Science, Mathematics, and English to bring students from introductory to college-level, guided by instructors from top US universities.

"An awesome way to learn programming"

"I highly recommend Juni as an amazing way to teach children coding in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. My daughters started with Juni two years ago when they were 7 and 9 and love their lessons. The instructors are bright, young and engaging.

They know how to push the children in a fun way. We thoroughly value the one on one instruction and the fact that we can do the lessons from home."

—Arch T.

Both my kids (middle and high school) have used Juni for nearly a year. They both love their class and have learned so much. The instructors are young, enthusiastic, and very positive in their approach. I love that the curriculum is posted and that there is a summary posted after every class, so that I can track their progress. Scheduling/re-scheduling is super easy and customer service has been fantastic. Highly recommended.

—Dita N.

Wow! Juni is truly a miracle. I have two kids that have been using Juni for 1.5 years now. One of them started at 9 years old with no programming knowledge and has advanced so much that she can now even participate in middle school/high school hackathons. My other child is in high school and went from having basic programming knowledge to participating in USACO competitions. Go Juni! The results show how effective the system is.

—Mar H.

We have been so impressed with Juni Learning! Our son loves his weekly coding class and the best part is they assign classes based on skill rather than age. He loves working on the homework projects and is often able to add additional elements to his projects. His instructor is incredibly patient with his special needs due to his Autism. I love that we don't have to drive anywhere to receive this high quality education! We highly recommend Juni learning!

—Laurie M.

"My son had a difficult time finding programming courses on his level in our area. I was thrilled when I found out about Juni. The instructors are top notch and the one-on-one interaction allows for optimum learning. As an added benefit, it has helped him excel in his higher level math courses as well. He has loved the courses he has taken with Juni and hopes to pursue a degree in computer science when he graduates next year. I can not recommend this program enough."

—Amy R.

"That's so cool!"

My 12-year-old son has been taking classes with Juni Learning for almost a year. We chose Juni because we loved the fact that the company was started by women, and employs whip-smart college students. The staff is personal, professional, and prompt. They take time to get to know your child so they can match them with an instructor who shares their interests.

Most importantly, they make learning fun! I often hear my son bantering and laughing with his instructor, shouting "That's so cool!!" He is so excited every time he finishes a session, and he is motivated to learn as much as he can. I highly recommend Juni to anyone who is looking for personalized coding instruction for their child.

—Kim A.

"I am thoroughly impressed with Juni"

I am thoroughly impressed with Juni Learning all the way around.

Administratively, everyone I have been in touch with has been extremely cordial, professional, efficient, and effective.

As far as the courses, instructors and curriculum goes, it's been such an interesting and wonderful journey so far. I was so impressed when my 9 year old started, that I signed up for a course myself!

Every week, my 9 year old is excited to attend class (as am I with mine). His instructors have been extremely skillful in getting my son to explore and figure out the answer to the problem at hand rather than just telling him the answer. Instruction is facilitated so well and so conveniently from home after school. The curriculum has done a fantastic job of stepping him through the concepts and expanding his programming skills each week.

Last week, I found out that my son's 4th grade teacher will be introducing Scratch to her students later on in the school year. Scratch is the platform my son is learning programming concepts on. He is excited to be ahead of the class and excited to teach his friends! He proudly tells his friends that he's a programmer. I would highly recommend Juni Learning!

—Charlotte L.