Scratch Coding Classes For Kids

Ages 8-14

Introduce your child to computer science with Scratch, a block-based coding language designed for young beginners!

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We're experts at teaching kids Scratch coding.

Designed by MIT, Scratch is a block-based programming language (like virtual LEGOs) that introduces kids to coding and computer science fundamentals. They'll even get to build their own games they can play and share with friends.

Explore Our Featured Scratch Coding Courses

    • AGES 8-11

      Scratch Level 1

      Introduce your learner to coding with this colorful block-based programming language. Our students come to understand what code is and how it's used to build the digital world around them.

    • AGES 9-12

      Scratch Level 2

      Once our students master the fundamentals with scratch L1, they'll move on to more advanced coding concepts in a series of exciting Scratch games and projects.

    • AGES 8-14

      Intro to Robotics with Scratch

      Each student builds their very own mBot Neo robot before bringing it to life with kid-friendly Scratch coding. In partnership with Makeblock.

    • AGES 8-14

      Intro to Robotics with Scratch (On Demand)

      Does your child prefer self-paced learning or perhaps you'd like a fun project you can work on alongside them? Check out our self-guided Scratch robotics course.

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As a trained engineer myself, I was keen for my children to learn how to code. Juni has created a great learning environment to do just that.

My hope with Juni was to advance my kids’ interest and exposure to coding. I’ve found that my kids quickly identify with their Juni Instructors, and they tend to ask a lot of questions and remain excited about coding.

Tim B., Juni parent

Former Chief Product Officer at Yahoo and CEO at QuestBridge

Online classes taught through the Juni Portal

Our online classes include check points and session notes for parents. Juni provides instructors with essential data they use to adjust pacing, supplement the curriculum, or fill in any learning gaps to ensure your child's proficiency along the way to mastery.

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I'm a coder now.

When I started it was hard to code. The instructors are really nice and helped me when I had trouble. They also saw what I liked and helped me learn those things even more. Now, I've learned how to make things on my own and even share my projects on Juni and with my friends. It makes me feel really smart!

Theo N.

Juni student

  • Python

  • Classic Games

Juni student

Underwater Search

By Theo N.

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