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AGES 8-18

Bring out your child's inner scientist with fun, project-driven classes in physics, chemistry, biology, and more!

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Where kids become scientists.

Help your learner fall in love with STEM. Foster their passion for science with project-based science courses that go beyond the basics. They’ll love hands-on experiments, simulations, and more to build foundational knowledge and skills they’ll need for the real world.

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All Juni science courses include:

  • Top Instruction

    • Instructors from Top US Universities
    • Expert-Designed Curricula
    • Project-Based Coursework
  • Community

    • Juni Clubs
    • Juni Events
    • Shared Projects
  • Live Support

    • Instructor Office Hours
    • Study Groups
    • Access to Juni Advisors
  • Progress Targets

    • Course Roadmaps
    • Checkpoints
    • Certificates of Completion

Science taught through the Juni Portal

Our science classes for kids include check points and session notes for parents. Juni provides instructors with essential data they use to adjust pacing, supplement the curriculum, or fill in any learning gaps to ensure your child's proficiency along the way to mastery.

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