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Our instructors and team are working hard to make math learning accessible for families during this time. We’ll update this page weekly with free Pre-Algebra and Algebra worksheets, video tutorials, and more.

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Pre-Algebra is a middle school level course that prepares students for studying Algebra 1.

Pre-Algebra A

A covers four broad topics: arithmetic review, fractions, decimals, percents and ratios, arithmetic expressions, and exponents and radicals.

Pre-Algebra B

B follows directly after Pre-Algebra A. It covers four broad topics: data and statistics, geometry, number theory, and probability and counting.

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Strengthen your algebra foundation by practicing linear and quadratic equations, and problem-solving skills.

Algebra 1A

  • Algebra 1A covers three broad topics: solving linear equations, graphing linear equations, and solving systems of linear equations.
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Algebra 1B

  • Algebra 1B follows directly after Algebra 1A. It covers four broad topics: manipulating polynomials, solving quadratic equations, graphing quadratic equations, and functions.
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  • Scratch is perfect for introducing kids ages 8-11 to basic coding concepts, problem-solving, and logical thinking. Start learning with this beginning Scratch project tutorial.
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