Free Coding Resources

Our instructors and team are working hard to make coding learning accessible for families during this time. We’ll be updating this page weekly with free bootcamps, projects, video tutorials, and more for beginning to advanced coders.

Need help? Looking up your questions is one of the best ways to learn! Another great way to learn is from an experienced coder or instructor. Learn more about our group and private CS classes.

*CURRENT JUNI STUDENTS: Please refer to the chart below to find projects for your current Juni course.

Beginning Coding

Start here!

Intro to Scratch

  • Scratch is perfect for introducing kids ages 8-11 to basic coding concepts, problem-solving, and logical thinking. Get started below.

Intro to Python

  • Python is perfect for kids ages 11+, and is one of the most popular coding languages in the world. Write your first line of Python with our 4-day Python Bootcamp.


  • Scratch is perfect for introducing kids ages 8-11 to basic coding concepts, problem-solving, and logical thinking. Start learning with this beginning Scratch project tutorial.
Learn Scratch

Now, practice with some projects:


For ages 8-11. Continue practicing logical thinking and using a variety of Scratch blocks in these projects and tutorials!

Basic Python

For kids 11+. Continue learning Python basics with the Turtle programming library, with an emphasis on programmatically generating graphic art.

Feel ready for the next level? Try some intermediate coding below.

Intermediate Coding

Hone your coding skills with projects, lessons, and tutorials for higher-level Python and Java. Projects come with video and written solution walkthroughs.


Dive deeper into Python fundamentals with loops, variables, conditional statements, and functions, while also practicing more advanced topics such as lists, sets, dictionaries, and error checking.

Basic Java

Practice the fundamentals of Java, focusing on variable types, conditionals, loops, methods, and one- and two-dimensional arrays.

Feel ready for the next level? Try some advanced coding below.

Advanced Coding

Challenge yourself with advanced projects, lessons, and tutorials for Python, Java, AP Computer Science A, Web Development, and USACO. Projects come with video and written solution walkthroughs.

Advanced Python

Review Python fundamentals and focus on advanced topics in Python: recursion, searching and sorting algorithms, big-O notation and data science. Algebra 2 or higher recommended.

Advanced Java

Practice Java fundamentals and object-oriented programming, covering classes & objects, subclasses, and inheritance. Helps well-prepare students for AP Computer Science enrollment.

AP Computer Science

Prepare for questions on the AP Computer Science A exam, administered in May of each year. This exam focuses on Java and object-oriented programming.

Web Development

Practice HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create your own websites. Web Dev is geared toward students who enjoy art and design.


USA Computing Olympiad is a national coding contest held four times per year. Students who start in our USACO Bronze course should have excelled in our Python Level 3 or AP Computer Science A course.

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