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Self-Guided Python Course with Live Help


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Why Python?

Python is an intuitive programming language, used by beginners and experienced coders alike! With its easy-to-read syntax, Python is one of the top 3 coding languages used worldwide - used in web development, machine learning, data science, game programming and more, making it incredibly versatile. Google, Spotify and Instagram were all built with Python!

Who is this course for?

Beginner students age 11+ or younger students who have some basic prior coding experience

What you'll learn...

Our self-guided Python course is paced to take 8 weeks to complete. By the end of this course students will have learned how to code and understand the fundamentals of Python, such as conditionals, loops, functions, and variables. These pieces are involved in almost every real world program, including those that launch space craft, guide self driving cars, and control video games.

Each week, there are daily projects designed to prepare your student for the cumulative “Milestone” project that tests their understanding. Concepts include:
  • How to create games and complex drawings using the programming language Python, with the Turtle addition.
  • How to problem solve, using techniques such as breaking a large problem down into smaller steps and ‘debugging’ unforeseen errors
  • How to brainstorm a unique project, put together a plan on achieving what was brainstormed, and execute that plan


  • Python is the perfect programming language to build your student’s understanding of coding, and problem solving in general. Python is a highly ‘readable’ language, meaning that even someone who isn’t familiar with the language can often ‘read’ what the code is doing. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t used in the real world! Python is used by companies such as Google, Spotify, and Netflix, so knowing it will set your child up for the future.

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  • We have a variety of different resources to keep your child motivated! • Our instructor videos are designed to guide your child through our project-based learning. • 1-click and your child will have access to unlimited instructor hw help - hosted by instructors daily! • Included in the course is 1 private lesson to schedule at your own convenience • You will receive weekly email updates on your child's progression and tips & tricks if they need extra support

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