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    4 weekly 50-minute classes with project-based curriculum guided by the same instructor each week
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    Detailed class notes for parents after each class

Why Python?

Python is an intuitive programming language, used by beginners and experienced coders alike! With its easy-to-read syntax, Python is one of the top 3 coding languages used worldwide - used in web development, machine learning, data science, game programming and more, making it incredibly versatile. Google, Spotify and Instagram were all built with Python!

Who is this course for?

Beginner students age 11+ or younger students who have some basic prior coding experience

What you'll learn...

By the end of this 4-class bootcamp students will have learnt how to code and understand introductory skills of Python with Turtle, such as coordinates, movement, and loops. These skills provide you with the basic tools needed to generate graphic art.

Classes 1-3: Will be focused on learning new concepts through projects designed to build their critical thinking. Concepts include:

  • How to program an onscreen pen to create colorful and unique pictures and shapes on a virtual canvas.
  • How to problem solve, using techniques such as breaking a large problem down into smaller steps and ‘debugging’ unforeseen errors

Class 4: The master project! Where students build a project end-to-end that showcases all of the concepts you have learned in the course by creating a unique design of your choice. Master projects include designing emojis, logos of their favorite brands, their favorite video game characters, and so much more!

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  • How do I know if Python is right for my student?

    Python is the perfect programming language to build your student’s understanding of coding, and problem solving in general. Python is a highly ‘readable’ language, meaning that even someone who isn’t familiar with the language can often ‘read’ what the code is doing. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t used in the real world! Python is used by companies such as Google, Spotify, and Netflix, so knowing it will set your child up for the future.

  • Tell me more about the satisfaction guarantee

    We offer a full money-back guarantee within your first two weeks with Juni, no questions asked.

  • Who are the instructors?

    Every instructor is a rigorously background-checked and trained student from a top US university. All instructors are employed directly by Juni.

  • When are classes scheduled?

    During sign up you will get to pick the day and time that works best for your child! We will work to schedule classes within your preferred time. If for any reason we can't, we'll reach out to you to confirm additional times.

  • What is the time commitment?

    Weekly classes will be scheduled on the day/time you prefer. Each class will be 50-minutes with about 50-minutes of homework.

  • What if we can't make a class, can we reschedule?

    In the case that you need to reschedule a class, classes can be rescheduled 24+ hours in advance with no additional charge, using the Juni Learner Portal. The times that are listed are within the availability of your dedicated instructor. We do require 24+ hours advance notice, in order to ensure our instructors have enough time to plan and prepare for their teaching schedules.

  • What if my child wants to continue learning Python after the Private Bootcamp?

    If your student wants to continue with 1:1 instruction, we have several plans available!

    How to request add a subscription:
    1- Login to https://app.junilearning.com.
    2- Click on Settings, then Account in the top right corner.
    3- Find the subscription you'd like to update, and select "Create a Subscription."

    Or you can schedule a call with one of our admissions advisors to talk through option

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