Solve the problems you care about with Mathematics

Ages 7-18

Go beyond the textbooks, with engaging math courses driven by your curiosity. You’ll build much more than just strong foundations, as you explore real-world industries, creative projects, and diverse applications.

  • Discover mathematical thinking Develop strong fundamentals, with review and exploration wherever you need it. Master diverse topics with proven strategies.

  • Create real answers, for real problems Get creative in projects inspired by real-world industry scenarios. It’s up to you to innovate and create the solutions.

  • Conquer challenges together Take on new challenges, or overcome tough concepts as a team. Your instructor’s there to guide, adjust, and cheer you on.

Discover and create your solutions for the future

  • Uncover the numbers in business, medicine, tech, and more

    Learn in context, with diverse real-world scenarios where math truly counts. Whether you’re modeling business product data, or calculating the dosage for a new medical treatment—get creative with projects that solve what matters to you.

  • Strengthen your intuition to discover your own answers

    Get more than just “right versus wrong”—with core strategies to ask questions, test approaches, and present your thinking. By investing in your own math intuition, you’ll learn how to confidently diagnose and solve any problem.

  • Explore what you love, while mastering what you need

    Lead your math adventure, full of exciting discoveries and challenges! You decide when to dive deeper into interesting topics, or slow down to review tricky areas. No matter where you go, you’ll achieve core learning targets along the way.

What you’ll get with Juni Mathematics

  • Strong support and 1:1 personal coaching in areas you need extra guidance and practice.

  • Deeper practice, challenge, or exploration in topics you’re interested in or passionate about.

  • Strategies to find your own creative solutions, and clearly present your math problem-solving process.

  • A safe space to ask questions, build confidence in your skills, and explore new ideas with a caring mentor.

  • Mastery of math course learning targets, that go even further than school standards.

  • Solid math foundations that build logical reasoning and problem-solving skills for future success.

Juni Mathematics Courses

We teach a full math curriculum for ages 7–18, from elementary level math all the way through AP Calculus. Explore everything you can learn by viewing our full course catalog.

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My Juni math course is very fun, and allows me to go deeper into math than my school courses.

I really enjoy when my instructor gives me challenge problems because they are really fun to solve, and they also help me to better understand the topics that we cover. My math course is very challenging, but my instructor helps me overcome the challenges and makes it enjoyable, so I enjoy every last bit of them.

Evan C., Juni student