Course Description

In this course students will dive deep into activities and projects that will help them design and pitch their own business plan. Projects such as designing their own prototypes, conducting competitor analysis, and testing marketing strategies will immerse students into immediately creating and testing their entrepreneurial ventures.

Learning Goal

After completing this course, students will present their plan to an entrepreneur in their life, use their feedback to revise their business plan, and have an opportunity to compete in the Juni Entrepreneur Competition!

Real life application

The goal of the entrepreneurship course is to give students the tools they need to design and create products, services, and brands that will most closely align with what they’re passionate about. On a broad level, students will end the course having launched a product and website through Wix. On an emotional level, students will learn the value of creating and launching something, helping them build confidence in their abilities.

Who's this course for

Ages 9-18



Instructors update their students’ progress towards proficiency in the Learning Targets throughout the course. Each module is designed to address specific learning targets and students have multiple opportunities through the activities and the projects to demonstrate mastery. At the closure of each module, the instructor will update the Learning Targets page accordingly.

  • I can identify the values that are most important to me to keep throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

    I understand and can use the Design Thinking Process.

    I understand the qualities that are important for an entrepreneur to succeed.

  • I can determine the problem I am trying to solve with my business/the niche I want my brand to be in.

    I can come up with creative solutions to real world problems.

    I know how to use creativity to spark new ideas.

    I can prototype my ideas and iterate on them.

  • I can do market research to understand a customer’s wants, needs, and interests.

    I can build a customer profile.

    I can empathize with my customers.

  • I can create a basic budget.

    I can create a basic business plan that highlights how my company will make money.

    I understand how to use Excel as a tool in my company.

    I can determine the cost of a product or service.

    I can analyze market research to understand the mind of a customer.

  • I can identify multiple marketing strategies.

    I can identify which marketing strategies are right for my company.

    I can measure the effectiveness of my marketing strategies.

  • I can explain what it means to be socially responsible.

    I can explain what it means to be ethical.

    I understand what steps I can take to improve my company’s positive social output.

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