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Investing & Entrepreneurship Courses

Juni offers courses for kids 9-18 to explore the fundamentals of the business world and achieve financial literacy. Students dive into topics around entrepreneurship, personal finance, and investing through hands-on projects that challenge them to create their own business plan, engage with a virtual stock market simulation, and negotiate a hypothetical raise! Each course should take around 3-4 months to complete.

Investing & Entrepreneurship Course Offerings

  • Money Minded: Introduction to the Stock Market

    Ages 9-18


    What would you do with $100,000? Through this course, students are immersed in a virtual stock market simulation with a mock $100,000. Alongside the simulation, students engage in highly immersive projects with their instructor:

    • to explore different types of investments
    • to assess a company’s potential success (in collaboration with Republic)
    • to understand the impact of risk tolerance on portfolios
    • to learn about different ways to make gains in the stock market
    For their Master Project, students will come up with a creative way to pitch their investment strategy to their parents, guardians, family members, or friends about why they should lend the student money to start their own brokerage account.

  • Smart Money: Introduction to Personal Finance

    Ages 9-18

    Personal Finance

    When you close your eyes and imagine your future, what do you see? A house in the clouds, a job that you love, a jet-setting lifestyle, leading a multi-billion dollar company? For any type of life that you’d want, financial health will be a key element to ensure your stability. Through this course, students will work 1:1 with their instructors to learn skills such as:

    • budgeting
    • negotiating
    • building credit
    Students also explore how to make financial decisions such as purchasing a car, negotiating a raise, saving for a trip, and more.

  • Be Your Own Boss: Entrepreneurship 101

    Ages 9-18


    Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Do you dream about seeing your product on shelves everywhere? Are you ready to build your own brand? In this course, students dive deep into activities and projects that help them design and pitch their own business plan. Projects such as:

    • designing their own prototypes
    • conducting competitor analysis
    • testing marketing strategies
    In the final module, students will present their plan to an entrepreneur in their life and use their feedback to revise their business plan and have an opportunity to compete in the Juni Entrepreneur Competition!

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