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Ages 9-18

Our investing & entrepreneurship courses help kids see challenges as opportunities. Nurture their business mindset with fun project-based 1:1 courses guided by hand-picked instructors.

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Popular Investing & Entrepreneurship Courses for Ages 9-18

  • Money Minded

    Introduction to the Stock Market

    Students are immersed in a virtual stock market simulation with a mock $100,000!

  • Smart Money

    Introduction to Personal Finance

    Students learn skills such as budgeting, negotiating, and building credit that will support their journey to their desired future!

  • Be Your Own Boss

    Entrepreneurship 101

    Students design and pitch their own business plan, with a chance at the end to compete in the Juni Entrepreneur Competition!

See our students' projects

    • Investing

    Juni student

    Exploring Microsoft & NVDIA

    By Arjun D.

    See project
    • Investing

    Juni student

    Joining the Investopedia Simulator!

    By Caroline H.

    See project
    • Investing

    Juni student

    History Repeats Itself

    By Alessia M.

    See project

Whether your child is interested in building their own business or you’re hoping to give them a head-start when it comes to financial literacy, there is a Juni investing & entrepreneurship course for them.

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  • “Investing has been a major interest of mine and has become what I hope to be a lifelong hobby. I hope to bring this passion for financial markets to the students I teach! I feel this course is special because it allows students to learn with a very hands-on approach where they discover key ideas themselves, instead of just being lectured on it!”

    Mohnish A.

    Juni instructor, University of Michigan

  • “What makes Juni’s investing course so special is the combination of practical curriculum and hands-on experience. The course’s flexibility allows students to explore their areas of expertise while still teaching them the fundamental principles of the stock market and investing!”

    Jimmy H.

    Juni instructor, Northwestern University

Teaching children how to invest is an investment in their future.

Currently, schools do not equip students to handle their own finances and investing. In today’s financial landscape, learning to manage one’s own finances is more necesary than ever before.

A line graph conveying that from 1980 to 2010, retirement management has shifted responsibility from employer to individual


Most Americans received pensions

Investments fully managed by their employers.


Most Americans have IRA retirement accounts

Investments self-managed by the employees.

A graphic depicting the 29 states out of 50 in the U.S. that don’t require personal finance or investing education for kids

Yet, 29 states still don’t require any personal finance or investing education. Students are not equipped for this change.

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