Novel Writing

Age 11-18

Course Description

In this ambitious, project-based, creative writing elective, aspiring authors will write an original novel or long form work of their choice. Writing a novel is no small feat for anyone, but we believe that with the right coaching, middle and high school students are up to the challenge!

Though the overarching project is a novel, your child will build core skills in grammar, literary devices like character and plot development, and creative idea generation. At the beginning of the course, each student sets a word count goal with their instructor, then expands their creativity by drafting scenes of their novel in almost every session with their instructors, and practice accountability by hitting word count targets before moving onto subsequent modules. This course is open to middle and high school students. After this course, your student will have stronger skills in nearly every aspect of writing, but more importantly, will build the confidence to take on large, challenging projects and the strategic skills to make them more manageable.

Who's this course for

Age 11-18


  • Completion of U.S. 5th grade English/Language Arts coursework
  • Willingness to sit still and draft creative writing projects for 50 minutes at a time

This course typically takes 4-7 months to complete. This depends on the target word count the student sets for their final project, their dedication to their writing, and their availability to work on their novel outside of sessions.

  • Course modules

  • Character & Conflict

    NW1 Course Overview & Goal Setting

    NW2 Developing a Protagonist and an Antagonist

    NW3 Novel Drafting: Introducing Your Characters

    NW4 Generating Conflict

    NW5 Novel Drafting: Setting the Scene

  • Plot & Narration

    NW6 Structuring Plot

    NW7 Character Development

    NW8 Narration

    Check In #1

  • Setting & Dialogue

    NW9 Describing Setting

    NW10 Writing Dialogue

    NW11 Novel Drafting: Conflict

  • Finishing Your Novel

    NW12 Novel Drafting: Falling Action & Resolution

    Check In #2

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