Middle School A: Reading & Analyzing Literature

Age 11-14

Course Description

This course challenges students to master middle school level skills in reading and analyzing literature, based on the Reading Literature category of Common Core State Standards for 6th-8th grade English and Language Arts. In this course, students develop mastery of reading comprehension and analytical writing skills, practice writing short pieces of original fiction, and using the same elements of craft that they are observing in their reading and analysis.

After this course, your child will have stronger written communication skills, storytelling skills, and be able to critically analyze written viewpoints and opinions. Skills like this are incredibly helpful not just for school work, but understanding complex work assignments, distilling and understanding business challenges and briefs, and clearly articulating solutions and action plans.

Who's this course for

Age 11-14


Completion of U.S. 5th grade coursework in English/Language Arts

This course typically takes 3-6 months to complete. This depends on the student's dedication to homework, their previous experience, and the difficulty of course material. Our instructors move at the pace of the student, taking extra time to reinforce concepts as needed.

  • Course modules

  • Reading Literature

    MSA1 Main Ideas & Supporting Evidence I

    MSA2 Main Ideas & Supporting Evidence II

    MSA3 Making Inferences

    MSA4 Show, Don’t Tell

    Check In #1

  • Analyzing Literature

    MSA5 Identifying Themes

    MSA6 Analyzing & Developing Themes

    MSA7 Analyzing Point of View

    MSA8 Analyzing Words & Phrases

    MSA9 Analyzing Rhyme & Alliteration

    MSA10 Analyzing Figurative Language

    Check In #2

The Literary Analysis course helps students break away from the “right/wrong” black and white thinking that is so unfortunately common in traditional school. At Juni, the emphasis on different interpretations, especially in the “inferring” section, allows room for questioning and growing not only as a reader, but as a person.

Jordan B., Juni instructor

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