Early Elementary A: Discovering the Joy of Reading

Age 7-9

Course Description

Elementary literacy skills are the foundation of any student’s education. Students tend to make the biggest leaps in reading at the elementary level, and Juni’s first elementary English course is designed to enable students to read at or above grade level. This discovery-based enrichment program teaches students not just how to read effectively and write clearly, but to recognize advanced vocabulary words, follow more complex stories, and articulate their own ideas and opinions on the books they read. With a focus on literacy skills in an encouraging, personalized environment, your child will make sizable gains in reading school materials and find new confidence reading on their own or with you.

Who's this course for

Age 7-9


Completion of U.S. 1st grade coursework in English/Language Arts

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This course typically takes 3-6 months to complete. This depends on the student's dedication to homework, their previous experience, and their learning style. Our instructors move at the pace of the student, taking extra time to explore and reinforce concepts as needed.

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  • Characters & Plot

    JoR1 Characters

    JoR2 Plot

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  • Central Idea & Key Details

    JoR3 Reading Literature

    JoR4 Reading Informational Texts

    JoR5 Figurative Language

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    Master Project

My favorite course to teach with Juni is Early Elementary A: Discovering the Joy of Reading! I love the activities associated with this course because they involve a lot of drawing and diagramming which I think is an essential but often neglected part of reading. It's so enjoyable to watch how creative my students get when they draw what they imagine characters or scenes of stories might look like. This course is really impactful for students because I think it encourages young students to experience reading and storytelling as something we do for pleasure and with friends and not just independently at school.

Kimberly K., Juni instructor

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