English that lets you tell your own story

Ages 7-18

Write your own language arts adventure, with courses designed for you to take the lead. You’ll master English beyond school standards, as you author creative works and build strong communication skills for success.

  • Compose your narrative Explore concepts further with creative projects that drive self-discovery. You’ll grow your own voice, with every original work you write.

  • Drive your adventure Pursue your passions, from The Odyssey to Harry Potter. Our diverse range of texts, genres, and projects lets you choose how you want to learn.

  • Conquer challenges together Take on new challenges, or overcome tough concepts as a team. Your instructor’s there to guide, adjust, and cheer you on.

Explore and contribute to an ecosystem of ideas

  • Bring your voice and thoughts to the table

    There’s never any wrong answers, with endless opportunities to express your ideas. Learn key literary concepts and analytical skills, as you discuss, write, and pursue your own interpretations with your instructor.

  • Read meaningfully, as you explore new genres and perspectives

    Master effective communication, starting with critical reading skills. You decide what you’ll read next in every lesson—as you apply reading strategies, dive into diverse genres, and break down challenging passages.

  • Write and create masterpieces that inspire

    Transform your learning into powerful writing that excites. You’ll get to showcase your skills in every course with creative writing projects of your choice. Aspiring authors can even challenge themselves in electives like Novel Writing!

What you’ll get with Juni English

  • Strong encouragement and 1:1 coaching in your writing, reading, and communication skills.

  • Solid language arts foundations for effective communication, strategic reading, and writing for future success.

  • Extra challenges and exploration in concepts, texts, and topics you’re passionate about.

  • Mastery of key English concepts, and course learning targets that go even further than school standards.

  • Engaging and creative projects driven by your interests, learning style, and what you want to read and write.

  • A safe space to ask questions, build confidence, and explore new ideas with a friendly mentor.

Juni English Courses

Our English curriculum for ages 7–18 fully covers elementary to high school language arts, as well as ambitious electives like Novel Writing. Explore everything you can learn by viewing our full course catalog.

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Ever since I have been taking these classes, I have been getting better grades.

My Juni Instructors are very helpful. They help me customize my learning style by taking my feedback to areas where I need to improve and to cover them to do better.

Gabriel M., Juni student