Data Science in Python

Age 12-18

Course Description

In this course, we build upon students’ Python knowledge to introduce Data Science, an interdisciplinary field that uses programming and statistics to draw insights from valuable datasets. Students learn how to read and clean data from a variety of sources including APIs, build visualizations, and answer key research questions about datasets. Students explore data from a variety of fields, including space, healthcare, and business, while learning real-world tools like the Python Pandas library and working with Colab Notebooks. At the end of this course, students perform an independent exploratory data analysis on a topic of their choosing.

Who's this course for

Ages 12-18


Completion of Python Level 2 or equivalent

This course typically takes 3-6 months to complete. This depends on the student's dedication to homework, their previous experience, and the difficulty of course material. Our instructors move at the pace of the student, taking extra time to reinforce concepts as needed.

  • Course modules

  • DS1 Python Fundamentals Review

    DS2 Introduction to Data Science

    DS3 Obtaining Data from Files

    DS4 Obtaining Data from APIs

    DS5 Plotting and Graphing Data

    DS6 Basic Statistics

    DS7 Cleaning Data

    DS8 Advanced Plotting

    DS9 Exploratory Data Analysis

    DS10 Pokemon Analysis

    DS11 Skyscraper Building Analysis

    DS12 Master Project

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