Design a new reality with Computer Science

Ages 8-18

Dive into computer science as the global language of creativity and logical thinking. Wherever you start, you’ll build the strong coding and problem-solving skills you’ll need to innovate tomorrow’s solutions.

  • Create from your imagination Build your own projects to master coding concepts. As your confidence and skills grow, so will your creations.

  • Learn how the world is powered Start by mastering core fundamentals in every course. Then dive into how code powers the world around you.

  • Control your adventure Explore your passions, while moving at your pace and achieving learning targets. Your instructor’s there to guide, adjust, and cheer you on.

Explore our world, then build your own

  • Engage in your world with a deeper understanding

    Expand your reality, as coding takes you deep inside the technology and objects around you. From learning about artificial intelligence, to exploring advanced algorithms that run today’s online platforms—you’ll have the foundations you need.

  • From gamer, to emerging inventor and designer

    Don’t stop at playing your favorite games and apps—harness your coding skills to invent your own exciting projects. As you learn how to apply your skills across video games to interactive websites, the only limit is your imagination.

  • Grow your skills with every challenge, and every problem

    Build strong resilience as you tackle increasingly complex coding challenges. As you progress, you’ll discover the newfound confidence and problem-solving skills you need to conquer anything that’s ahead of you.

What you’ll get with Juni Computer Science

  • Strong encouragement to explore your passions, and innovate with everything you build.

  • Diverse course projects that develop creativity, logic, and solid computer science foundations.

  • Experience designing and coding your own projects and games, with every project saved in your digital portfolio.

  • Personal guidance and support from your 1:1 Juni Instructor, every step of the way.

  • Confidence to build your own solutions and present your thinking process.

  • A survey of exciting real-world applications on how computer science powers everyday things.

Juni Computer Science Courses

We teach beginning to advanced coding courses for ages 8–18, across a wide range of topics and languages. From Scratch to C++, or topics like Game Development and Artificial Intelligence—explore everything you can learn by viewing our full course catalog.

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As a trained engineer myself, I was keen for my children to learn how to code. Juni has created a great learning environment to do just that.

My hope with Juni was to advance my kids’ interest and exposure to coding. I’ve found that my kids quickly identify with their Juni Instructors, and they tend to ask a lot of questions and remain excited about coding.

Tim B., Juni parent

Former Chief Product Officer at Yahoo and CEO at QuestBridge