Embark on your own subject path

Jump into the driver’s seat, on any kind of journey you decide to take with Juni. No matter what you explore, you’ll lead the entire way with your passions and learning style.

Explore one or multiple subjects

  • Computer ScienceAges 8-18

    Learn computer science as the language of creativity and logical thinking. Whether you’re just beginning or an advanced coder, you’ll master concepts and more in hands-on projects.

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  • MathematicsAges 7-18

    Transform your relationship with numbers, by taking math beyond the paper. Explore real-world problems and creative solutions, as you surpass key learning targets.

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  • EnglishAges 7-18

    Discover language arts that goes far beyond the school classroom. Jump into authoring your own creative projects, exploring diverse texts, and building strong communication skills.

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As a teacher myself, I know first-hand how hard it is to keep young adults engaged, and Juni does it better than any other company I tried.

My two teenagers discovered coding through Juni, and they cannot get enough of it now. My daughter switched her college major to computer science, and my son is preparing to take the AP Computer Science exam. Kudos to Juni for an excellent curriculum, and kudos to well-prepared and engaging instructors!

Serguei N., Juni parent

Vice-Dean for Global Initiatives, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

Learning that’s empowered with personal discovery

  • A student-centered teaching philosophy

    Embrace your own learning style, with teaching that conforms to you. Joyful exploration in every course means following your interests, and adjusting focus to where you need it most.

  • Designed by teachers, fueled by hands-on creativity

    Forget memorizing—and start discovering beyond what’s on the paper. From designing video games to modeling company investments, challenge yourself with creative projects that build strong mastery.

  • Curriculum that paves the road to progress

    Dive deeper into your passions, with diverse progression tracks to choose from after every course. Whether it’s coding basics to AI, or early reading to writing novels—there’s always next steps to keep the journey going.

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