Geometry A


Geometry A

suggested for ages 13-16

Course Details

Geometry is a proof-based, high school level geometry course that emphasizes geometric concepts in two and three dimensions as they apply to points, lines, planes, circles, and polygons. This course is suitable for students who have completed an Algebra 1 course or equivalent, and after successful completion of Geometry, students are prepared to move onto Algebra 2.

Geometry A covers five broad topics: geometry foundations, lines and angles, triangles, triangle dissections, and trigonometry. The practice problems provided in this course range from fundamentals practice to complex proof-based problems.

Course Curriculum

This course typically takes 4-7 months to complete. This depends on the student's dedication to homework, their previous experience, and the difficulty of course material. Our instructors move at the pace of the student, taking extra time to reinforce concepts as needed.

Geometry Foundations

GEOA1 Definitions and Notation

GEOA2 Logical Reasoning

GEOA3 Proofs

Lines and Angles

GEOA5 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

GEOA6 Proving Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Introduction to Triangles

GEOA7 Classifying Triangles

GEOA8 Triangle Congruence

GEOA9 Triangle Similarity

GEOA10 Right Triangles

Triangle Dissection

GEOA11 Bisectors

GEOA12 Medians and Altitudes

GEOA13 Inequalities with Triangles


GEOA14 Basic Trigonometry