Juni for Employers

Support working parents and families within your organization by offering Juni as a unique learning benefit

It’s not school. It’s not tutoring. It’s Juni.

  • 50-minute classes with project-based curriculum guided by a recurring instructor
  • Instructors handpicked from Top US universities and matched to learners based on affinity and pace
  • Access to a community of like-minded learners through interest-based clubs and events
  • Flexible scheduling and an easy-to-use learning portal
  • Detailed class notes for parents after each class

Juni's Perk Program Includes

Juni's Perk Program Includes

Flexible Scheduling

Support for Parents
Our program enables your employees to help their children feel empowered to create their best futures by offering courses that go beyond the classroom and prepare them for a real-world start.

Unique Mentorship

Early & Priority Access
Your employees will have access to a dedicated Juni team who will offer priority access to new courses and seasonal program launches.

Personalized Learning

Exclusive Discounts
Offering Juni as a benefit to your employees is free to you as the employer. Juni will develop a perks program with exclusive codes customized for your company.

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As a trained engineer myself, I was keen for my children to learn how to code. Juni has created a great learning environment to do just that.

My hope with Juni was to advance my kids’ interest and exposure to coding. I’ve found that my kids quickly identify with their Juni Instructors, and they tend to ask a lot of questions and remain excited about coding.

Tim B., Juni Parent
Former Chief Product Officer At Yahoo And CEO At QuestBridge


  • How does my company enroll in Juni's Perk Program?

    It's easy to get your company set up as a Juni Perks Program partner. If you are an employer or a parent, you can reach out to us, here. Our team will schedule a call to customize a program for your company.

  • Do employers need to pay to be a Juni Perk Program partner?

    No. This is a free program for employers to enroll in and offer to their employees as an added value to their existing company benefits. Juni will offer exclusive discounts and seasonal perks to your employees at no cost to you.

  • What is Juni and what makes it different?

    Juni is an online learning platform designed to prepare kids for the real world. We offer 1:1 classes in hands-on subjects like coding, public speaking, and investing, taught by instructors enrolled at top US universities. Through project-centered courses, best-in-class technology and the power of community, Juni’s varied learning experiences get students ready for the future. Learn more here.