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UC Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon


Working with the same students on a consistent weekly basis creates a better learning environment for our students and a better teaching environment for our instructors.


Instructors follow our teaching expectations rubric, which covers class structure, presenting new concepts, debugging & problem solving, and classroom control.


Instructors are at the forefront of their student’s learning experience, and are expected to take ownership of their students' progress, engagement, and attitude.

Juni Instructor

"Try it out for the lifelong experience"

- Kara Christensen, Juni Instructor

“A lot of kids grow up thinking they aren’t good at math or science just because it’s not taught in a way that they naturally understand. I’ve been lucky that the way math is taught is the way that my brain gets it. But there’s always fifty thousand ways to teach anything. That’s the nice thing about Juni — we can teach kids from anywhere in the style they need to have it resonate with them.”

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Meet our team of hundreds of dedicated, passionate instructors

"For many of my students, this is their first exposure to computer science, and I want them to walk away with a really positive experience, feeling like they were well-supported and are excited about the material. It’s really fun to teach; teaching solidifies my knowledge in these concepts as well."

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"The traditional subjects we learned at school didn’t cover all of the topics we were interested in, especially not computer science. This inspired our company mission: to educate and empower kids who want to learn subjects that are typically not taught in primary or secondary school, like coding."

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Our Teaching Principles

Structured curriculum
with flexible pacing

Understanding something complex usually starts by mastering its smaller components, and our curriculum is built this way. While each course is designed to take 3 to 6 months to complete, our instructors determine the best pacing for each student to build a strong foundation before moving on to more challenging concepts.

Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.

We are huge advocates of active learning, and we encourage our students to experiment and drive with their ideas. Instructors provide support by modeling syntax and explaining concepts, but allow students the space to discuss their questions, propose possible solutions, and test them out.

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How We Hire

Submit your application

Apply online by submitting your resume. Applicants must have taken at least one semester of coursework in a major relevant to the subject they are applying to teach.

Record a Mini-Lesson

If selected to advance, record a quick Mini-Lesson to demonstrate your teaching ability. We look not only for content knowledge, but also for warm, positive, and encouraging instructional style.

Teach a mock lesson

If invited, schedule a time to teach us two projects from our curriculum for a Mock Lesson.

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