Instructor Calendar Syncing

We ask our instructors to connect at least one Google Calendar account to their Juni Instructor Account through our "Juni - Instructor Calendar Syncing" OAuth application. By connecting a Google Calendar to their Juni account, instructors are enabled to manage their hours of availability at their own convenience, ensuring that Juni's class scheduling logic respects their schedules. Upon initially connecting their Google Calendar account, Juni will automatically create a shared Google Calendar for the instructor called "Juni Availability". Instructors will be able to add events to this calendar to represent their base hours of availability. Instructors are also able to mark multiple connected calendars as being "blocking," and Juni will consider any busy, non-all day events on these calendars to block out any underlying availability hours from the "Juni Availability" calendar. For more details regarding how Juni uses instructor's Google Calendar information, please see the "Information We Collect For Instructor Calendar Syncing" section of our Privacy Policy.