Middle School B: Analytical & Creative Writing

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Middle School B: Analytical & Creative Writing

suggested for ages 11-14

Course Details

This course challenges students to master middle school level skills in writing, both analytical and creative, based on the Writing category of Common Core State Standards for 6th-8th grade English/Language Arts. The first half of the course is a deep dive into analytical, arguable writing about works of fiction, including modules about writing claims and counterclaims, integrating and analyzing evidence, and revision. The second half of the course is a deep dive into creative, fiction writing, including modules about character development, generating conflict, structuring plot, and manipulating point of view. With 24+ projects, by the end of this course, students will be able to write a compelling and precise arguable paragraph and an original short story.

Course Curriculum

This course typically takes 3-6 months to complete. This depends on the student's dedication to homework, their previous experience, and the difficulty of course material. Our instructors move at the pace of the student, taking extra time to reinforce concepts as needed.

Writing Workshop

MSB1 Arguments & Evidence

MSB2 Counterclaims

MSB3 Analyzing Evidence

MSB4 Integrating Evidence

MSB5 Concluding Statements & Transitional Devices

MSB6 Color Coding & Revision

Check In #1

Fiction Writing

MSB7 Character Development

MSB8 Character Portraits

MSB9 Generating Conflict & Structuring Plot

MSB10 Manipulating Point of View

MSB11 Writing an Original Short Story

Check In #2