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Learn more about how Juni's curriculum was created and what unique features are included, like the Juni recording studio and code editor.

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Our Curriculum

At Juni Learning, we believe that learning should be fun, challenging, and empower learners to find joy in continuous learning. Juni offers two paths for families to choose from based on their learning goals. In our Juni Curriculum path, each course is designed with our students at the center and piloted to ensure engagement, rigor, and cohesion throughout their journey with us. In our Juni Tutoring path, students bring their own work to devote class time too, making it customizable to specific needs.

With both paths, students work 1:1 with Juni instructors. We take great pride in training our instructors to deliver a personalized, yet consistently high-quality, experience to our students and have designed a learning portal that engages students asynchronously.

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Our core beliefs

  • Learners are unique

    No two learners are the same. As a result, our curriculum gives students choices and avenues for them to showcase their individuality.

  • Learners want a challenge

    Learners are seeking to be challenged, and as a result, our projects are reviewed by professionals in the field to assess for rigor.

  • Learners think ahead

    Learners feel most compelled when their learning is relevant, and as a result, the topics we’ve taken on (computer science, investing, entrepreneurship, etc.) and the design of our projects are rooted in the possibilities of the future.

  • Learning is hands on

    Learners are not spectators, and as a result, our courses are project- and inquiry-based. Regardless of delivery models (1-to-1 instruction or asynchronous learning), our curriculum is designed to put students in the driver seat so they’re learning by doing.

Our Paths

  • Juni Curriculum

    The Juni Curriculum path is designed for students who wish to learn a new topic, from coding to math or science, using Juni's proprietary curriculum. All instructors are trained on this curriculum, and there is optional homework built in for between sessions. This project based curriculum is designed to move at the student's pace and engage students ages 7-18.

  • Juni Tutoring

    The Juni Tutoring path is designed for students who have schoolwork or other work they would like to focus on with a Juni tutor. Students bring projects to the 1:1 session and work at their pace, guided by an instructor. These sessions are customizable for each student.

  • Curriculum & Tutoring

    Since our paths are designed for 1x/week, you can also do both paths simultaneously. Your child can learn to code with Juni Curriculum while also getting math homework help or prepping for a test with Juni Tutoring. Or use Juni Tutoring for fun coding projects and learn the next level of math to skip ahead with Juni Curriculum.

Our Tools

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    Built-in code editor

    As our students work through the Computer Science curriculum, they use their personalized code editor to support their learning. Languages supported in the code editor include Python, Java, and C++.

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    Recording studio

    Once students complete their projects, they can use our Recording Studio to record themselves showing off their work. Students can share these videos with their friends and family, or add them to their profiles (which can be sent to colleges!).

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    As our students collaborate with their instructor to push their math and investing learning, they utilize our whiteboard to show their work, graph equations, and make presentations to showcase their learning.

What's Included In The Juni Portal?

Your one-stop shop for everything Juni. Parents are able to manage their learner's courses and learing paths, track their progress, and also engage with the Juni community.

Not sure where to start?

When you sign up, our Juni Advisors can help you choose the right course for your learner. Our instructors will also assess their skill level during our placement class to help determine the best course for them.