Intro to Negotiations

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Empower your child with the communication skills to help them get what they want from life. This course covers negotiation strategies, argument construction, and more, so your child will feel empowered to advocate for themselves and their ideas throughout their life.

This course is not currently accepting new students.
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Age 8-18
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Intro to Negotiations

About this Course

Negotiations are a critical part of business, yet students rarely get the opportunity to learn how to be successful at them. This course helps students learn how to effectively negotiate by first exploring the steps of a normal business negotiation process and how to identify potential comprises. Then, students will practice different scenarios with their instructor to gain practical negotiating experience.

This course is not currently accepting new students.

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  • Course duration
    2-3 months
  • Lesson
    50 minutes
  1. NT1: What is a Negotiation?

    1. I can explain negotiations in my own words.
    2. I can explain the difference between negotiation and other social interactions.
    3. I can define the stages and elements of the negotiation process.
    4. I can provide examples of negotiations in my own life.
    5. I can identify the best outcome given an example negotiation situation.
  2. NT2: What is Compromise?

    1. I can explain the idea of compromise in my own words and provide personal examples.
    2. I can listen and understand other people's opinions.
    3. I can identify barriers to compromise and negotiation.
    4. I can identify the best compromise given two different positions during a negotiation.
  1. NT3: How Do I Prepare to Negotiate?

    1. I can set goals for my negotiation.
    2. I can identify the best outcome of my negotiation.
    3. I can advocate for my own position.
    4. I can understand the opposite position or the position I will be negotiating against.
  2. NT4: What Are the Different Types of Negotiation Strategies?

    1. I can understand and explain the differences between negotiation strategies.
    2. I can identify negotiation tactics given examples of negotiation situations.
    3. I can identify different persuasion strategies.
    4. I can identify positive and negative negotiation strategies and outcomes.
  1. NT5: The Actual Negotiation

    1. I can understand the different phases and stages of a negotiation.
    2. I can identify the four outcomes of a negotiation (win-win, win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose).
    3. I can create my own position on a given topic.
    4. I can advocate for a position different from my own and understand the different positions.
  2. NT6: Debriefing the Negotiation

    1. I can analyze the negotiation process and identify the strategies each side used to maintain their position.
    2. I can understand the best way to reach win-win compromise early on in a negotiation.
    3. I can identify if I conducted a successful negotiation.
    4. I can understand the successes and places for improvement of my negotiation position.

It is recommended the student is familiar with constructing arguments and is comfortable speaking in public & presenting.

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