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Robotics - Python (On Demand)

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Have you ever wondered how robots are used to learn about the uncharted territories of the universe? Well, get ready to explore the unknown with Makeblock's mBot Neo Coding Robot (robot costs extra).

In partnership with Makeblock, NASA, and the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration,this self paced course will allow your child to build their own mBot Neo from the ground up and then use Python code to bring it to life and explore Mars or the deep sea.

This course is not currently accepting new students.
Self Guided Learning
Age 11-18
~24 hours
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Robotics - Python (On Demand)

About this Course

In partnership with Makeblock, students will work to build and program (in Python) their very own robot and train it to complete tasks like following a pre-determined path, completing a maze, and more! Note: Robot costs extra ($95).

This course is not currently accepting new students.

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  1. I can follow visual directions.

  2. I can set up the wiring when given directions.

  3. I can build a working robot.

  4. I can use basic commands to program my robot.

  5. I can interpret commands in an existing script.

  6. If I can’t interpret a command, I know how to determine what it does.

  1. I can use event listeners to control my robot.

  2. I can iterate on code.

  3. I can control my robot's movement in a variety of ways.

  4. I can experiment with movement controls, and know when each movement control is appropriate.

  5. I can expand my skills into other contexts.

  6. I can adapt my code for specific circumstances.

  1. I can create and execute a plan.

  2. I can use data from the Ultrasonic sensor to determine how far my robot is from an obstacle.

  3. I know the benefits of using sensors as opposed to coding specific commands.

  4. I know the philosophy behind solving any maze.

  5. I can write code that adapts to new situations.

  1. I can use data from the RGB line sensor in a variety of ways in my code.

  2. I understand and can interact with RGB colors.

  3. I can adjust the direction of my robot based on data from the RGB line sensor.

  4. I can program my robot to ‘scan’ until it finds a goal state.

  1. I can combine multiple of the sensors I have learned about in the course.

  2. I can create a plan for completing a mission.

  3. I can prototype a design to solve a problem.

  4. I can create a version 1 of my prototype.

  5. I can iterate on my prototype as necessary.

  6. I can modify my robot with household items.

None. This course is self-paced.

Completion of Python Level 1 and a Makebot Robot (special Juni deal is $95 and is charged after signup).

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My 3 sons ages, 10 1/2, 9 and 7 started using Juni in early June 2020 and absolutely love it. The instructors are college age kids and they relate to my boys very well. My oldest is doing both the coding and math tracks and I feel like he will be way ahead of his 5th grade class come the fall. Once the other two are old enough I will certainly be enrolling them in math as well.

Tarun Mehta

Juni has been amazing for my daughter. She is a reluctant learner when it comes to Computer Languages, but the Juni instructors have been engaging to her at a level where she feels comfortable with them and they manner in which they present the curriculum. They understood my ask that I Wanted her to start liking computer languages, and they are presenting the information in a way that is fun and relatable. I am very happy with my Juni experience and my daughter's journey with Juni so far!


I have two boys taking classes and the Juni takes the time to match the right instructor for my children. They are patient and very consistent in their teaching. The boys are thoroughly enjoying their class and love accomplishing and learning new things!

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