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Intro to Hacking and Cybersecurity

Taken by 18 students

Web literacy has never been more important. In this course, students learn how hacking and cybersecurity work and are taught how to prevent common security threats. They also expand their technical and mathematics knowledge as they explore passwords and web security.

This course is not currently accepting new students.
Private 1:1
Age 10-18
50 minutes
Per class
Intro to Hacking and Cybersecurity

About this Course

Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand fields within tech right now. In this course, your learner will work a personalized Juni instructor to learn important cybersecurity skills like password encryption, message authentication, and Diffie-Hellman key exchanges.

This course is not currently accepting new students.

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$275 / month

4 classes / month × $68.75 / class
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1:1 classes are 50 minutes long and can be scheduled anytime Monday-Sunday from 7am to 7pm PT. To begin, select Book your Placement Class to signup. Our team will then match you and set up your first class!

  • Course duration
    2-3 months
  • Lesson
    50 minutes
  1. I understand how different number bases work.

  2. I understand how to convert numbers to and from binary and hex.

  3. I can convert a hex color code to RGB format.

  4. I can use ASCII to encode a message in hex.

  5. I can use code to manipulate binary and hex data.

  1. I understand and can use the modulus operator and modular exponentiation.

  2. I can explain the purpose of Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

  3. I can execute a Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

  4. I know how to execute a man in the middle attack.

  1. I can explain what a hash function is.

  2. I can give examples of common uses for hashing.

  3. I can hash information using a common hashing method.

  4. I can confirm that a document is unchanged using a hash.

  5. I can create a message authentication code (MAC).

  6. I can use a MAC to prove a document from a friend is unchanged.

  7. I know the idea behind a MAC attack and the value of HMAC.

  1. I understand the difference between an online and an offline attack.

  2. I understand the danger of storing raw passwords.

  3. I understand how to store and verify passwords using hashing.

  4. I understand the rarity of a hash attack and hash collision.

  5. I can explain how to crack a hashed password.

  6. I can explain why a salt makes passwords more secure.

  7. I can hash and salt a password.

  1. I understand the basics behind AES and what it is doing.

  2. I know why I should not use my own implementations of AES.

  3. I can import an AES module into my code.

  4. I can use AES and a key to encrypt and decrypt a message.

Instructors will assign students roughly 60 minutes of project related homework at the end of each session. Homework is designed to complement the class experience and ensure the student continues to gain practical experience outside of the session.

Completion of Python Level 1

Who are Juni’s Instructors?

Our instructors are subject matter experts from top US universities. Instructors are highly-vetted and background checked prior to joining and undergo extensive training before ever teaching on our platform.

Upon signing up, parents are asked a series of questions that allow us to match your child with an optimal instructor based on their unique needs and interests. Factors that are considered in our matching process include Learning Style, Personality, Personal Experience, and Academic & Career Aspiration.

Headshot for Puja D
Puja D
I really like bringing a strong energy to my classes, and sharing excitement with my students about learning new topics.

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4.9 out of 5



My 3 sons ages, 10 1/2, 9 and 7 started using Juni in early June 2020 and absolutely love it. The instructors are college age kids and they relate to my boys very well. My oldest is doing both the coding and math tracks and I feel like he will be way ahead of his 5th grade class come the fall. Once the other two are old enough I will certainly be enrolling them in math as well.

Tarun Mehta

Juni has been amazing for my daughter. She is a reluctant learner when it comes to Computer Languages, but the Juni instructors have been engaging to her at a level where she feels comfortable with them and they manner in which they present the curriculum. They understood my ask that I Wanted her to start liking computer languages, and they are presenting the information in a way that is fun and relatable. I am very happy with my Juni experience and my daughter's journey with Juni so far!


I have two boys taking classes and the Juni takes the time to match the right instructor for my children. They are patient and very consistent in their teaching. The boys are thoroughly enjoying their class and love accomplishing and learning new things!

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