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DC Circuits (On-Demand)

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In this course students will learn the fundamentals of electricity, how components such as resistors and diodes affect its flow, and how it can be used to power and control simple components such as speakers and lights. The goal of this course is to not only build fun circuits, but also understand why the circuit is working the way it is! They will use a program and simple kitto get hands on experience building and designing a wide variety of circuits!

Self Guided Learning
Age 8-14
~16 hours
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DC Circuits (On-Demand)

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  1. I can understand how to appropriately care for electronics.

  2. I can understand and use basic circuit vocabulary

  3. I can understand the function of the individual (passive) circuit components use them effectively

  4. I can draw the basic circuit components

  5. I can use simple software to design and test my circuits for any faults and flaws before implementing them

  6. I can observe basic circuit safety, particularly the importance of not creating a circuit loop with no resistance

  7. I can observe how current and voltage are different but similar by analyzing the visuals of my circuits through simple software

  8. I can use a diode (the LED) to control which way electricity flows

  9. I can use a photo-resistor to vary the resistance in a circuit and change the flow of electricity

  1. I can use a schematic to create a circuit (and visa versa)

  2. I can observe the difference between components in parallel and components in series and explain the benefits of each

  3. I can understand the limits placed on a circuit by load and use my knowledge of parallel and series components to explain their tradeoffs with respects to load

  1. I can observe how many elements–such as water or metal (e.g. a paperclip)–can conduct electricity, causing it to flow, and either cause circuits to work or create a short

  2. I can understand what an IC (Integrated Circuit) is as well as how and where they are used

  3. I can use a motor in a circuit and understand the differences and similarities between mechanical and electrical energy and how they can work together.

None. This course is self-paced.

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My 3 sons ages, 10 1/2, 9 and 7 started using Juni in early June 2020 and absolutely love it. The instructors are college age kids and they relate to my boys very well. My oldest is doing both the coding and math tracks and I feel like he will be way ahead of his 5th grade class come the fall. Once the other two are old enough I will certainly be enrolling them in math as well.

Tarun Mehta

Juni has been amazing for my daughter. She is a reluctant learner when it comes to Computer Languages, but the Juni instructors have been engaging to her at a level where she feels comfortable with them and they manner in which they present the curriculum. They understood my ask that I Wanted her to start liking computer languages, and they are presenting the information in a way that is fun and relatable. I am very happy with my Juni experience and my daughter's journey with Juni so far!


I have two boys taking classes and the Juni takes the time to match the right instructor for my children. They are patient and very consistent in their teaching. The boys are thoroughly enjoying their class and love accomplishing and learning new things!

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