Empowerly College Counseling for Juni Families

College Admissions takes a village. Get expert college admissions guidance to help you gain admission to your best-fit university.

Juni College Counseling Services with Empowerly

  • With admissions rates dropping and applicant numbers rising yearly, developing a well-rounded profile that will help you stand out among your peers has become ever more important. Empowerly’s comprehensive program combines the power of one-on-one expert college admissions guidance to help students gain that edge on their path to a top-choice university.

  • Empowerly’s team of college admissions experts, including former admissions officers, are available virtually to guide students as they build valuable skills to use during high school, college, and beyond. They empower students to learn from the ground up and support them through the difficulties that they face, building their confidence and knowledge while being a support system throughout the process.

  • Students are paired with instructors and college admissions experts based on their age, interests, learning style, and availability and will be matched with a counselor who best fits their needs. Additionally, their experts have studied and/or worked at top US universities and helped thousands of students throughout the admissions process, so you can feel confident your student will have the help they need to stand out among the competition.

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Why Empowerly

  • 94% of Empowerly students got into a top 50 school

  • 98% of Empowerly’s Class of 2023 got into a top 100 U.S. college

  • 25x more time spent between students and counselors than with the average high school counselor

Nancy's Success Story

When my daughter started with Empowerly in 10th grade, she immediately connected with her counselor Brooke, who helped her build her resume for the pre-med track. We can’t say enough good things about Brooke! Additionally, the awesome Empowerly team helped immensely with finding a UCSF research internship and editing essays. If you’re a parent unsure of which counselor to pick, look no further and contact Empowerly.


Parent, Washington University in St. Louis

Empowerly Gets Results

Empowerly students are 5x more likely to get into their college of choice. Using data-driven technology and one-on-one consultation with former college Admissions Officers, their customized programs help you and your college applications stand out during the fiercely competitive U.S. college admissions process.

Empowerly’s Mission

Empowerly's mission is to empower students to be the most successful version of themselves in college admissions and beyond. Their college admissions counselors are passionate about building a genuine community beyond providing first-rate services. They dedicate themselves to staying connected with students and their families and finding a path to success in whatever fields they choose.

Empowerly Services

Empowerly’s team supports students through each step of the college admissions process. Their community includes college admissions counselors, advisors, researchers, and editors. Whether it’s finding your passion, applying to internships, or getting accepted to your best-match college, one of them will be there for you at every stage.

    College Admissions Committee Review

    With Empowerly, you can submit your completed college application for review from a former college admissions counselor at the school you’re applying to (or a similar school). Get feedback with enough time to put on the finishing touches and send in all your applications with confidence.

    Best Match College Counseling

    Get matched with a qualified college admissions counselor based on your educational interests and work style. Your counselor will guide you through academic planning, extracurricular development, college list creation, personal essay drafting, and any other parts of the college application process you can imagine.

    Essay Editing

    Get your college application essays reviewed within 24 hours. They will ensure that every word you write is outstanding and that you craft the perfect narrative.

    Expert Advice

    Have a burning question about college admissions? Want to know more about summer programs in your area? Save yourself some time. Empowerly’s team of expert researchers is on hand to dig deep into the detailed data and provide useful answers to any admissions questions you may have.

    Startup Internships, Research, and AI Scholar Programs

    Empowerly helps high school students gain real-world work experience by connecting them with virtual internships at Bay Area startups working on anything from data analysis to social media strategies. For those interested in pursuing research and writing, Empowerly offers a Research Scholar Program in which students are paired with a Ph.D. candidate to produce an independently developed research project. And for students interested in artificial intelligence, Empowerly's AI Scholar Program helps students learn the latest AI technology while building socially impactful projects.

    College Financial Planning

    Empowerly provides a Financial Funding Program to assist families with the financial piece of college planning. This is helpful if you’re concerned that you won’t qualify for financial aid, haven’t saved enough, or don’t have an effective plan to cover the considerable costs of educating all your children.

Samuel, Empowerly Student

Columbia University

Empowerly helped me get accepted to MIT Launch summer program (<10% acceptance rate), start my own environmental nonprofit, and intern with Dr. June Flora at Stanford University. I worked with Empowerly on over 50 essays and finished all of them by November. I was accepted to Columbia, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, USC, and more. I also have a deeper insight about my career and the impact I want to make in the world.

Jaya, Empowerly Parent

Harvard University

Thank you for helping SM over these last 2 years in his formative high school years, finding summer internships, and helping him get accepted to Harvard, UPenn, MIT, Yale, Johns Hopkins University (Hodson scholar), USC (full-ride), and many others. With 70+ essays across 15+ college applications, SM wouldn’t have finished so many applications with such high quality without Empowerly.

Rachel, Empowerly Parent

UC Berkeley

I interviewed many college admissions counselors and Empowerly stood out with its innovative, fresh approach. Our college admissions counselor was very helpful and a great fit, helping my son with the entire process. The AdCom Review was incredible, giving valuable brutally honest feedback. My son applied to competitive CS/EECS programs and he was accepted early to UC Berkeley (his top choice!) as a Regent’s and Chancellor’s Scholar.

Empowerly FAQs

  • Empowerly has a detailed protocol to ensure that your counselor will be the best fit for you. First, you'll meet one-on-one with an Enrollment Team member to specify any preferences or specific interests you would like to emphasize. They then compare your profile to the qualifications of their various counselors. During this process, they prioritize matching students with counselors who specialize in your academic interests, but they can also consider supplementary qualities like specific school expertise or geographical location.

  • Empowerly takes pride in matching you with the right counselor for your needs, so switches are rarely necessary. However, they are happy to accommodate any request for a counselor change. Please email support@empowerly.com with your concerns as well as your preferences for a new counselor. A case manager will help your transition to a new counselor.

  • While students are matched with only one counselor, Empowerly provides a number of resources to ensure their students’ specific needs are addressed. For example, students have access to their resource team, editing team, and additional advisors that have specialized experience in things like science fairs, career advising, and internship/job applications. Their advisors and team frequently coordinate to ensure they find the right plan for your needs.

  • Availability varies, but Empowerly has counselors in a number of different time zones and most are available for evening and weekend meetings. If you have strict schedule requirements, please let the enrollment team know and they will find someone who can accommodate your needs.