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Build your child's passion for programming through Juni’s online coding courses for kids.

Through hands-on projects, Juni’s Curriculum path is focused on core computer science concepts, problem-solving, and logical thinking. Register for the course that matches your student's skill level or book a call with an advisor to figure out placement. Our Curriculum courses are flexible and great for students coming in with any coding knowledge (even none!).


1:1 classes are 50 minutes long and your child's instructor will assign optional homework each week. Join classes from anywhere in the world, we have classes 7 days a week across US timezones.

Hear from a Juni Parent

“Our son has been proceeding through the computer science classes with Juni Learning for the last two years and it has been an amazing experience for him. Not only is he learning computer science, but he is honing his critical thinking skills and his problem-solving abilities. Every teacher he has been matched with has enjoyed thoroughly building a relationship with them and learning from them. I cannot recommend Juni enough.”
--Marion, Juni Parent

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    6-9 months
  • Lesson
    50 minutes

Finding the best coding classes for kids

  • Ages 7-11 start with Scratch

    Scratch is an excellent way for kids in the 7-11 age group to start coding. Scratch allows kids to create interactive video games, animations, and creative stories with a large variety of background images and characters. Kids can jump right into creating fun and engaging block-based coding projects, while also building life skills like creativity, storytelling, and logical thinking! That's why our Scratch coding courses for kids focus on making games in Scratch to help kids have fun while learning basic coding.

  • Ages 12-18 start with Python

    For your student’s first introduction to text-based coding languages, you can’t go wrong with Python. It’s become one of the most popular coding languages for both beginners and professional programmers which is why we recommend our Python coding course to start coding. Python does not require an understanding of data types, memory management, and other more difficult computer science topics — making it a great alternative to other coding languages.

  • Advanced coding for kids

    Once kids have mastered the fundamentals they continue to learn through more advanced Python courses, or a new language! With a wide-range of block-based and text-based coding languages to choose from, Juni is great for any studen at any skill level. Juni offers courses in Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and more. Check out our coding for kids curriculum or speak with a Juni Advisor to learn which coding languages and courses are best for your student.

All Juni courses include:

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    • Project-Based Coursework
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We're here to help your child succeed, no matter their experience level. Learn more about our coding courses by booking an appointment to speak with a Juni Advisor today.


  • Kids can start coding with Juni as early as 7 years old. We've had students start with us anywhere from 7-18 years old, at any level, and grow with us through our various coding languages and levels. Courses are designed for kids, so they're structured to be project-based and fun.

  • Coding helps children develop analytical and problem-solving skills. Studies have found that teaching children computer programming skills can positively affect their problem-solving abilities and other positive effects.

    When children learn to code, the root of their learning is developing the skill to analyze and problem-solve. When children learn to code, it teaches them to break down a complex problem into smaller, manageable chunks and methodically solve the issue.

    Additionally, "Understanding coding would give our kids a foundation in understanding how technology works, serving them well even if they do not become professional programmers." (Time)

  • Typically, beginning coders ages 7-10 start in Scratch 1, and beginning coders ages 11+ start in Python 1. Please let us know if your child has previous coding experience so we can start them at the appropriate level. We offer a wide variety of advanced coding classes for those with prior experience.

  • Python is a relatively new programming language. It was developed to be both powerful and streamlined. It has a syntax that is highly readable and easy to understand for those who are not familiar with other programming languages. Python allows students to focus on the concepts of programming rather than specific and finicky syntax. Students who begin with Python learn concepts that are translatable to almost every other programming application. For all these reasons, it is the perfect place to start.

  • Juni's coding courses are project based and interactive, designed to engage students as young as 7 years old. Courses consist of a lot of screen sharing and problem solving, as students and instructors work together on projects. There is also 30-60 minutes of optional homework between classes to continue the learning outside of the class session.

  • Coders have a wide variety of career options, from software engineers, data scientists, developers, product managers and more to other fields outside of specifically coding related.

    For example, in finance jobs, coding can be beneficial across areas such as investment banking and asset management.

    In marketing, coding helps amplify qualities like creativity and innovation while also being able to adhere to processes, analyze data to improve marketing and execute better marketing strategies.

    Across different career paths that children may choose, coding gives them the skills and qualities needed to succeed. Whether they are trying to work on a complicated financial model or analyze player performance for working in sports analytics, they will have that coding mindset as their foundation to tackle whatever life brings their way.

  • Our courses require: 1- A desktop or laptop computer that runs Windows or Mac OS, with a working microphone, speaker, and webcam. 2- The Chrome browser and Zoom Client must be installed. 3- A high-speed internet connection (at least 10 Mbps). We also strongly recommend headphones to help your child to concentrate, and be immersed in the virtual classroom.

  • We’re made to fit your schedule—

    You can build your plan for 1:1 classes at a frequency and time that work best for you. You can always reschedule or adjust if anything changes later!

    Outside of classes, there is typically 30-60 minutes of optional homework to accelerate the learning. Juni students also get access to clubs, additional class support, and project creation tools!

  • Our Support team is available 7 days a week and you can email them at