Intro to Coordinate Planes

A chalkboard with the coordinate plane drawn in white chalk.


In this pre-algebra lesson, Juni Mathematics Instructor Genesis will be talking about the coordinate plane, how to use it, and some important terms to know when working with coordinate planes.

Coordinate planes are important to understand because they help us know how to read graphs, understand points in space, and even apply concepts in other subjects like data science and coding!

Important Vocabulary

To understand coordinate planes, start by learning or reviewing these key terms. As you work more with graphs and coordinate planes, these concepts will come up regularly.

Watch Genesis explain each of these terms in detail, using examples on a coordinate plane. You can find definitions for your reference, also written out below.

Juni Instructor Genesis' Video Lesson:


  • Coordinate Plane

A special plane divided into four quadrants. A horizontal number line, known as the x-axis, and a vertical number line, known as the y axis make up the coordinate plane and intersect at the origin (0,0).

  • Coordinates

Numbers on the x and y axes that are used to locate objects on the coordinate plane. We denote coordinates as (x, y).

  • Point

A precise location on a plane. Points are not sized and are often denoted by a single letter, such as A.

  • Line Segment

A line is created when we connect two points A and B. This line does not extend past either of the points.

  • Midpoint

A point directly in the center of a line segment. A midpoint cuts a line into two equal halves.

  • Collinearity

Collinearity exists when two points lie on the same line.

Practice Worksheets: Test Your Knowledge

If you feel comfortable with the key terms and concepts above, try challenging yourself with Genesis' Coordinate Planes Worksheets!

Start with some warmups to solidify your understanding, review, or jog your brain to get into math learning for the day. Then, master your skills with some more challenging drill questions that target specific concepts taught in this lesson. Solutions and walkthrough videos are provided at the bottom of each worksheet.

  1. Warmup Questions: Practicing with Coordinate Planes
  2. Drills: Segments in a Coordinate Plane (coming soon!)

Need help or want to keep learning?

We hope you enjoyed Genesis' Lesson on Points, Lines, and Coordinate Planes! This lesson falls under our Pre-Algebra B course curriculum.

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