Math Practice

Sharpen your math skills with these lessons and practice problems by Juni Math Instructors. Guide your learning with our explanations, tutorial videos, and solution walkthroughs.

Coordinate Planes: Practice Problems

Master coordinate planes with Juni Instructor Genesis' practice questions and tutorials for drawing coordinate planes and mapping points and lines.

Variable Expressions: More Practice Drills

Challenge yourself with these higher-level, pre-algebra drills on variable expressions.

Intro to Variable Expressions

In this pre-algebra lesson, Juni Mathematics instructor Kadyn will be teaching you about expressions with variables.

Variable Expressions: Word Problems

Tackle broader, real-world applications of variable expressions with these word problems by Juni instructor Kadyn.

Variable Expressions: Practice Problems

Practice variable expressions by solving these basic arithmetic problems with different variables.

Intro to Coordinate Planes

In this pre-algebra lesson, Juni Instructor Genesis talks about the coordinate plane and key terms to know.