New English Course: Write Your Own Picture Book
Boy reading picture book in Juni's Elementary B course

Juni Learning is thrilled to announce the launch of Early Elementary B: Write Your Own Picture Book, our second elementary-level English writing course for 2nd and 3rd grade students. This course uses a discovery-based curriculum to guide students ages 7-9 through the process of outlining, drafting, revising and publishing their own picture book.

This is a dynamic course where students will improve their writing skills and expand their creativity through a variety of fun, interactive activities!

What is Discovery-Based Learning?

Discovery-based learning puts students at the center of acquiring and building knowledge. Our instructors guide students through activities that unlock the language intuitions that students already possess.

By the end of this course, students will acquire and build in-depth, conceptual knowledge of the foundational skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond. Additionally, by giving students ownership of the learning process, our discovery-based courses foster kids’ curiosity and love of learning.

Why should students take Early Elementary B?

At the end of this course, all students will have authored and illustrated an original picture book, and Juni will provide families detailed instructions to print their work and distribute copies to friends and family. By working towards the final goal of a printed book for an authentic audience, this course enables students to understand the value of their work and to see a tangible result of their learning.

Additionally, this course provides students with foundational writing skills while also igniting their creativity and curiosity. Our curriculum, designed by former educators, emphasizes essential grammar, writing, and presentation skills. By presenting these ideas through playful discovery activities, students actively participate in their learning. When students own their learning, they feel more engaged and experience greater success.

Each student is paired with an instructor that they feel comfortable with, ensuring maximum learning and fun. Our instructors come from top US universities and are trained to work with all types of students. Our 1:1 instruction assures that students’ needs are met in a way that is often not possible in a traditional classroom. As a result, students will grow their skills and see their own interests represented in the course. Students are more likely to retain information when it includes their own passions.

What will students learn in Early Elementary B?

Based on the Writing, Language and Speaking/Listening categories of Common Core State Standards for 2nd and 3rd grade English/Language Arts, this particular course covers opinion writing, narrative writing, presentation skills and language skills. After students learn language skills such as proper capitalization, subject-verb agreement, comma usage, and vocabulary acquisition, they use metacognition to revise their own writing.

The course enables students to build an authentic, personalized understanding of writing and language concepts through games, visual arts, and storytelling activities.

What does a typical session of Early Elementary B look like?

Students are introduced to new concepts through discovery activities. For example, students will play vocabulary games to discover parts of speech, solve riddles to learn the rules of capitalization and punctuation and critique presentations to learn the criteria for a strong presentation. Throughout these activities, students uncover concepts and key terms. Instructors are there to provide support and address misconceptions.

Students then apply these concepts in activities such as writing an opinion paragraph about any idea of their choice, creating an original narrative with detailed characters, and answering engaging prompts to practice their grammar skills.


Paired together, Early Elementary A: Discovering the Joy of Reading and Early Elementary B: Write Your Own Picture Book cover foundational skills in reading, writing, language, and speaking in a memorable, student-centered course sequence.

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