What Is A Private Online Coding Class?

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What is Juni Learning?

What is a private online coding class?

At Juni, we are an online academy specializing in computer science, offering private online coding classes for students ages 5-18 to learn to code from the comfort of their homes. You might not know the specifics of exactly what happens during a private online coding class, so we wanted to describe our classes to make sure you understand what your student will experience!

Setting up for your first coding class

We want to make it as easy as possible for our students to take classes, so our instructors are available after school, evenings, and weekends. Our classes can be scheduled between 9 am - 9 pm Pacific Time Monday through Thursday and between 9 am - 6 pm Pacific Time Friday through Sunday. Because our classes are online, the location our students learn from is flexible - some of our students even take our classes while on vacation!

Through our video conferencing software, collaboration is easy, as you’ll read about below. We encourage students to take classes in a quiet location with a strong WiFi connection, and you’ll receive an email before the first class about how to set up the software.

During class

We strive to make Juni sessions as effective as possible. In the video conference, our students and instructors share a screen. This way, it’s much easier for our students to learn -- the instructor is with them every step of the way. The instructor begins by reviewing the homework from last class and answering questions. Then, the student works on the day’s coding lesson.

The instructor can take control of the environment or annotate the screen -- this means the instructor can type out examples, help them navigate to a particular tool, or highlight where in the code the student should look for errors -- all without switching seats. Our students can move at their own pace with the personalized attention of their instructor.

We also make sure that we meet each student’s individual needs. We remember exactly what made us fall in love with Computer Science, and we’ve designed the curriculum around that. We chose Scratch as the first programming language in our curriculum because its drag-and-drop coding system makes it easiest to get started, focusing on the fundamental concepts. In later courses, we teach Python, web development, AP Computer Science A, and a training program for the USA Computing Olympiad. Computer programming is fun, and there’s no reason our students shouldn’t have a great time learning to code!

After class

The learning doesn’t stop when class is over. Our students have homework based on the current coding lesson to solidify the concepts they have covered. They can see their assignments and notes in the Juni web portal. To keep parents and guardians in the loop, the instructor emails them a summary of the student’s coding progress after each class. Because the classes are one-on-one, if a student falls behind, our instructors are able to accommodate them and adjust the curriculum accordingly. We regularly check in with parents to make sure that everyone is on the right track.

Our instructors

What truly sets Juni apart is our instructors. We’re extremely selective - we hire fewer than 10% of applicants, and our private coding tutors come from top Computer Science schools like MIT and UC Berkeley. We hand-match students to make sure that everyone has an instructor that’s right for them. We believe that Juni’s instructors are the best in their field and provide mentorship that other online classes don’t offer.

At Juni Learning, we offer private, group and self-study [online coding classes for kids](https://www.junilearning.com/paths/coding/ "Juni Learning's coding for kids overview page").

To learn more about our full [coding curriculum](https://www.junilearning.com/paths/coding/all-courses/ "Full list of Juni Learning's coding courses") speak with a Juni Advisor today by calling __(650) 263-4306__ or emailing __advisors@learnwithjuni.com__.

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