Meet Our June 2021 Project of the Month Winners | Python & Scratch


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Standout Juni Students

Our students at Juni Learning are always surprising us with their creativity and ingenuity!

Once again, to recognize their hard work and creativity, we are excited to present our Project of the Month winners. We've enlisted our instructors, each hand-picked from top U.S. colleges like Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and MIT, to nominate their students and recognize their stellar projects.

For June 2021, we proudly award Juni Project of the Month to Valeria C., Adarsh K., and Gabriella C. for excellence in their respective projects! With all the amazing submissions from the thousands of students at Juni, it was truly a challenge to select the winners — which is why we continue to run this contest regularly!

Valeria C., 16 Years Old

Valeria put a lot of time, effort, and creativity into this project to create something that she's proud of. She came to me with some ideas that she wasn't sure how to implement, but she was willing to learn new skills in order to make them work, such as making the snitch randomly appear and disappear with a certain probability. This project shows off her determination and attention to detail, especially in the detailed background she drew. She figured out how to draw the Quidditch hoops and the Hogwarts house-colored stands completely on her own, using some complicated functions. She had a great time working on this project and thinking of ways to make it more fun for the player, and I'm extremely proud of her work!

- Lucia G., Juni Instructor, Cornell University

Check out Valeria C.'s coding project: Catch the Snitch (Python Level 1, Master Project)

Catch the Snitch

Adarsh K., 11 Years Old

This project demonstrates Adarsh's mastery of coordinating different sprites as they move around, speak, and respond to each other. It incorporates all of the concepts that Scratch 1 and 2 cover and is a well crafted capstone project to finish his Scratch curriculum with. His project also artfully blends together his creativity, inspiration, and coding ability into something that can be reflected in the real world.

- Mitch C., Juni Instructor, Tufts University

Check out Adarsh K.'s coding project: Olympics (Scratch Level 2, Master Project)


Gabriella C., 13 Years Old

Gabriella is an amazing student and an even better programmer. She always has insightful ideas and endless enthusiasm and creativity that she brings to every class. For her master project, she built a game inspired by Google Chrome's dinosaur game, pushing the bounds of what Python with Turtle has to offer by making the controls and gameplay almost seamlessly smooth and perfect. Gabriella has great intuition for problem solving and created a game that is both simple, fun, and nostalgic all in one.

- Annie Z., Juni Instructor, University of Texas at Dallas

Check out Gabriella C.'s coding project: Pyramid Rush (Python Level 1, Master Project)

Pyramid Rush

More coming soon!

Congratulations again to our outstanding winners! Be sure to look out for our next winners coming soon.

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