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Over the last few months, we here at Juni have been busy improving our learner portal! We have taken hours of feedback from parents and students on what you want and need from us, and we have made the updates. Below you will find a breakdown of each of our new features, how to access them, and why they are so exciting!

1. Learner Portal Homepage

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The new Learner Portal Homepage unifies everything a student might need in one cohesive place. From here, students can easily access all of their material for class sessions, projects and clubs. Additionally, the middle panel of the portal features the Juniverse Project Feed which offers your student the opportunity to explore inspirational projects other Juni students have made! The portal also has easy access to important links like the student’s profile, Juni Open Challenges, and more!

Watch our video tour!

2. Parent Corner

Juni's New Parent Corner

Similar to the Learner Portal Homepage, we have launched the Parent Corner to simplify and streamline the parent experience! Parents now have their own dedicated space within the Juni portal where they have access to anything they might need. For example, here parents are able to keep up with their student’s learning progress and extracurriculars at-a-glance. The Parent Corner also features easy-access links to reschedule classes, contact an advisor, and refer friends and family to Juni! There is also a helpful Announcements section to keep up to date with any updates from Juni HQ.

3. Student Recaps

Juni Digest Recap Email

Another exciting update is the creation of Student Recaps! Parents will now receive Student Recap emails which are shareable pages that showcase student achievements. Here, parents can easily view their student’s recently published progress as well as key statistics on their projects and work activity. We encourage parents to share their Student Recaps to celebrate their students and spread the word about Juni!

4. Course Completion Experience

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Our courses typically take several months to complete. At the end of each course, students complete a Master Project which showcases their creativity and growth in the subject. It's a huge moment which builds student confidence, so we are driving more visibility into this student achievement. So, once a student completes their Master Project, they will receive a certificate of completion and mastery! To access this certificate, students can click into it from the left column on the Learner Portal Homepage. Parents will also receive an email with a link to the certificate which they can share to celebrate with family and friends.

5. Public Profiles

Juni Public Profile Example

From the Learner Portal Homepage, there is a link for students to “View My Profile”. We redesigned the public profile to make it easier to showcase student achievements. Students can build up their profiles by adding projects, engaging in clubs as members or leaders, and completing courses. Parents can also use their kids’ profiles as portfolios to share with schools and companies.

Check out more profiles!

We would like to thank all of the parents and students who have offered us feedback. We also want to continue to hear feedback, so please reach out if you have any questions/comments/ ideas. In the meantime, we hope that everyone finds these updates helpful and that you are as excited about them as we are!

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