Announcing Our New Features - Recording Studio & Playground!

juni students recording their project videos in recording studio

Make a recording of your project!

We’re constantly reimagining how students learn. We’ve added two new features — Recording Studio and Juni Playground — for our students to build and showcase their skills and creativity.

Why we created our Recording Studio

Through our years of experience, teaching thousands of kids from across the world, we’ve discovered that students learn best when they explain the concepts they are learning.

When this Juni student explains how they programmed their Cyber Space Dodge game, they are synthesizing their learning while practicing how to communicate key concepts to others. We built the Recording Studio for kids to accelerate their learning by re-teaching.

Watch how Eliepe built Cyber Space Dodge!

Eliepe’s recording studio video for their project, Cyber Space Dodge

Juni Instructors not only ask their students to complete projects for homework, but also to use the Recording Studio to express how they did it, emphasizing a more complete understanding of their work. These recordings are automatically saved to the student’s private portfolio, allowing them to publish and share their amazing creations with friends and family.

Explore more student videos made in Recording Studio

Sheldon’s recording studio video for their project, Rainbow Brick Breaker

29EthanH’s recording studio video for their project, Ping Pong

Students can create their projects in the Juni Playground

As our students develop their interest and passion for technical and creative subjects with Juni, we encourage them to explore and create independently. Along with the hundreds of projects built into our curriculum, the Juni Playground enables students to build freely and publish their own unique projects in our Juniverse.

Between using the Playground to build and the Recording Studio to express themselves, this toolkit empowers students to take their learning to the next level. Check out our online courses for kids, or speak with a Juni Advisor by calling (650) 263-4306 or emailing

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