Learning to Lead Key Industries of Tomorrow: Meet Juni’s New ‘Future Of’ Courses

juni's future of course

At Juni, we’re on a mission to prepare students for the real world. Through our dynamic, fun courses and learning model, we’re inspiring the next generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers and leaders with a passion to make an impact through learning. Today, we’re over the moon to announce our new ‘Future Of' curriculum – focused on Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity and Climate Change for students 12-14 and 15-18 – to give Juni students the foundation skills and understanding they’ll need for these budding industries of the future.

We asked Juni parents and students what they wanted to learn next, and with rising career opportunities in environmental science, crypto and cybersecurity with no signs of slowing, our team set out to develop an industry-first, project-based curriculum around these burgeoning topics. Courses are offered in group formats featuring simulations rooted in real life challenges. We believe the best way to learn is through real-world application, and we’re thrilled to continue expanding our offerings, shortening the gap in education around these critical, forward-looking topics.

Foundational understanding of rising industries

Throughout our ‘Future Of’ course, students will gain a baseline understanding of these subject areas, the impact they have on today and the future, and be given an opportunity for deeper analysis and engagement with the subject matter through simulation projects. Within each course module, students immerse themselves in a topic as they would in the professional field – approaching group problem solving by personifying roles like data scientist, architect, project engineer, and more – offering a deeper understanding of how these subjects might come to life in the workforce.

The modules within the ‘Future Of’ curriculum include:


Climate Change, modules where your child will learn what climate change is and its lasting impacts. In this session, students will learn about the island of Kiribati – a remote island that is battling rising sea levels, forcing its people to seek safe harbor. Alongside their peers, students will design a neighborhood, built with materials to withstand rising sea levels, tasked with utilizing native materials and honoring the culture of Kiribati.


Cybersecurity, modules that introduce students to the world of hacking and explores the differences between ethical and unethical practices and focuses on the growing importance of cybersecurity. This section will dive into large scale data breaches, focusing on what went wrong and asking students to develop laws for companies dealing with user data. As a group, the students will be in an escape room that emulates a cyber attack and will work together to determine the gaps in cybersecurity to create an inescapable escape room.


Cryptocurrency, modules that explore the purpose of cryptocurrency and begin to explain the increasing value of NFTs. Students will have the opportunity to create an NFT, from design to associated use, to share with their peers who will bid on the NFT’s of their choice. The bidding demonstrates how NFT’s see an increase in value and demonstrates in real-time how NFT’s work.

Following each of these modules, students select their favorite role – or create a new one – and work with a partner to identify one issue they believe will have the greatest impact on their future. As a pair, the students will share a persuasive speech with their peers to show the impact of this issue on our future. Additionally, they will create their own simulation on their issue of choice for the entire class to participate in.

Our ‘Future Of’ course is designed to give students the opportunity to begin exploring and gaining the foundational skills needed to adapt in these evolving industries through dynamic, engaging simulations that represent real world scenarios. Through this approach, students gain a much deeper understanding into these industries and into potential career paths for the future.

To learn more about our ‘Future Of’ courses and sign up your students ages 12-14 and 15-18 today.

Browse our course page to explore our full offering of courses or speak with a Juni Advisor by emailing advisors@learnwithjuni.com.

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