Juni Hackathon Winners: April 2020
Juni Hackathon April 2020 Earth Day Logo

April 2020 - Earth Day

This April, we challenged competitors to build projects around an important theme - Earth Day! Hackathon teams worked hard to spread awareness on environmental issues, model global warming simulations, and build games where the player saves the planet. We were inspired by how teams conveyed educational messsages, and thought deeply about how to represent this global topic in their projects.

Needless to say, it was as difficult as ever to choose 3 winners from each league. Our judges spent hours carefully reviewing each and every individual and team submission. Each submission was evaluated using our four key grading criteria—code quality, complexity, creativity, and presentation. Even if you didn't place in this Hackathon, we highly encourage all students to continue their amazing work and compete again in our next Hackathon.

Thank you everyone, and be sure to look out for our next Hackathon! We'll be holding Hackathons throughout the year, so stay tuned.

Announcing our April Hackathon Winners!

We’re excited to present to you our winners for each league below, and congratulate them for their amazing work.

Explorer League Logo

Explorer League

This league features our talented junior coders, who were challenged to build Earth Day-themed projects in the coding language, Scratch.

Gold Medal

Team Destroyerz
Dubem A.
5th Grade
1st Place Team, Explorer League

Dubem's Project:

Silver Medal

Team AIM
Mickey T., Isabelita P. & Alexander P.
5th & 6th Grade
2nd Place Team, Explorer League

Mickey, Isabelita, & Alexander's project:

Bronze Medal

Team Girls Rule!
Saachi N. & Tiya M.
4th Grade
3rd Place Team, Explorer League

Saachi & Tiya's Project:

Team Milodyno
Milo V.
3rd Grade
Honorable Mention, Explorer League

Milo's project:

Team The Hacker
Tejas A.
5th Grade
Honorable Mention, Explorer League

Tejas' project:

JV League Logo

Junior Varsity League

Our JV League features up-and-coming young students with a good amount of coding experience. They built their Earth Day-themed projects in Python or Java.

Gold Medal

Team Luke
Luke A.
8th Grade
1st Place Team, JV League

Luke's project:

Silver Medal

Alec S. & Teddy D.
6th & 7th Grade
2nd Place Team, JV League

Alec & Teddy's project:

Bronze Medal

Team Neil
Neil P.
9th Grade
3rd Place Team, JV League

Neil's project:

Team Man Resa
Neal M., Vidur S. & Arjun R.
8th Grade
Honorable Mention, JV League

Neal, Vidur & Arjun's project:

JV League Logo

Varsity League

Our Varsity League showcases our most advanced student projects. Teams self-selected one of the three following topics to work on for their projects: data science, web development, or a complex game in Python or Java.

Gold Medal

Team Brahmin Bourgeoisie
Manu H., Pierre L. & Spencer E.
10th & 11th Grade
1st Place Team, Varsity League

Manu, Pierre & Spencer's Project:

Silver Medal

Armaan C.
8th Grade
2nd Place Team, Varsity League

Armaan's Project:

Bronze Medal

Team ReWareness
Keerthana N.
11th Grade
3rd Place Team, Varsity League

Keerthana's Project:

Aadit S.
10th Grade
Honorable Mention, Varsity League

Aadit's project:

What is the Juni Hackathon?

Hackathons are an invaluable experience for engineers of all backgrounds. They give both advanced and new coders the opportunity to collaborate with others, show off their creative skills, and learn from hands-on experience.

However, Hackathons are often day-long events limited to college students or adults, and held at physical venues that can be hard for some to attend. Despite all odds, Juni was determined to make the hackathon experience accessible for passionate young coders all over the country.

And thus, the Juni Hackathon was born!

What’s great about our Hackathon?

  • Free to compete
  • 100% online - you only need a computer and internet connection!
  • Open to various ages, and levels of coding experience
  • Win prizes!

Stay tuned for our next Hackathon, and register early to be the first to know our project prompts.

This Earth Day Hackathon was our second Hackathon of 2020, following our Winter Wonderland Hackathon in February. We'll be hosting even better Hackathons this year, coming soon!

Want to know more about hackathons? Check out our blog for a Hackathons 101 Guide.

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